Social Media Marketing: Where Do You Begin?

Hello again, this is Granison Shines, Chief Marketing Officer at Direct Business Marketing. Today we’re going to talk about social media and when you should get started. I’m glad you asked this question because I’m going to tell you some really good advice. First, pick one social site to start with and stay active with it. Get it really underneath your wings so you can elevate your company, status and industry; learn the rules and nuances of just one social media site first. For example, if you choose Facebook first, set up your page, make sure it’s appropriately monitored and know how to look at the statistics. Once you’ve gotten completely comfortable with this, then you can branch out to the next social media site of your choosing.

It’s important that you follow these steps for each social media site that you want to have a business account for. The set up should be a lot easier the second time around because all of the same information from your first account is available for you to us. The best advice I can give you for mastering social media marketing is to pick one social media site, become a pro at it and then move on to the next social media site that you’d like to target.

Again, I’m Granison Shines with Direct Business Marketing. You can reach me at 602.369.8119 or email me at [email protected]. Remember, you can always download our free marketing assessment at to help you determine which marketing avenues may be best for your business. I’d also like to encourage you to join us each Wednesday at 10am PST for our Get Direct live webinar series where we discuss all things relevant to the marketing industry. Thanks for joining me today and I look forward to speaking with you again soon.

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