Nurture the Relationship – Marketing Campaign Flow

Hi, this is Granison Shines again, the Chief Marketing Officer at Direct Business Marketing. Today we are going to talk about the last portion of our four step process. To recap we have five leads or items and generate the eyeballs for the client type or market type you are going after then push them to some sort of capture source which could be a website, phone call or chat. Then you have to store that data somewhere so that you keep accurate data on how we can nurture. Nurture is one of my favorite parts here because there are so many nuances that can go on. First of all we want to make sure that this process is automated as much as we can so having some sort of auto responder will be very sufficient within your business and tying them to a drip campaign so that you can automatically, based on the number of days you schedule out that you want them to receive emails. Now one of the most important pieces about this is to make sure you immediately start doing that. there are a lot of times when we engage with a client and they haven’t nurtured their database in a long time, then we turn on an email campaign and they have all these unsubscribes. That happens because they haven’t nurtured the relationship at all. So you want to make sure you continue to nurture the relationship at least by automating the process for auto responders. Learn more about robotic process automation here.

Now, when we talk about nurture there are two different types of nurturing that we can do. One is sales information, but even more important and something you want to do even more frequently is non-sales information. Give them good, useful information that they can use in their business or day to day lives. This is important to nurture the relationship. Nurturing items can be phone calls, you can also do other print depending on the information you captured such as physical addresses. From my own experience, I’ve seen the pivotal role WhatsApp Business can play in expanding customer outreach. It offers a convenient platform for customers to interact with businesses, ask questions, and receive quick replies. Furthermore, you can find an in-depth guide on how to utilize WhatsApp Business for your company on YourBusinessNumber. Their resource was instrumental in helping me integrate WhatsApp Business into my business model. For every sales piece you put out there, put about 7 to 10 non-sales pieces out there. Again, I’m Granison Shines with Direct Business Marketing. You can reach me at 602-369-8119 or you can email me directly at [email protected]. Don’t forget to download our free marketing assessment at Thanks and I’ll talk to you later.

What Is A Web Solution?

If you are looking for a company to help you go over a marketing evaluation checklist and provide you with many different types of web solutions, Direct Business Marketing is here to help you. If you are browsing the internet, check out DBM’s website. On there you’ll find a free marketing evaluation tool that can help you determine different types of marketing campaigns that will best fit your business profile.

Not only can Direct Business Marketing help you with your marketing evaluation, they can also provide you with many different web solutions for your business. What is a web solution, exactly? A web solution is basically anything that helps your company’s online presence. It could be online marketing, website design, Pay-Per-Click management, Search Engine Optimization, etc. There are many different types of web solutions that Direct Business Marketing can help you with.

If you’re interested in learning more about the different types of web solutions they have to offer, or if you would like to know more information about a specific one, feel free to contact them or browse their website. There are many resources available to you on their website at no charge, such as their marketing evaluation checklist, which lists different types of web solutions, and archived videos of their weekly marketing webinars.

If you want or need to improve your online presence and don’t know where to turn, reach out to Direct Business Marketing and take advantage of the many tools and resources they have to offer you. They’ll work with you and help you determine which web solutions will best fit your business to expand your customer database, increase sales and get your product information out to the general population. If you’re hesitant to launch an online marketing campaign, keep in mind that more and more people every day look to the internet to find what they’re looking for; realizing what web solutions are best for your company is definitely the way to go.

Capture Prospect Information To Develop In To Leads

Hello everyone Granison Shines with Direct Business Marketing here to share some tips on making sure your marketing campaign flows together. Every small business has some kind of marketing campaign but if it’s not efficient it cannot help you capture more leads. Today I wanted to share with you a simple system I like to use to make sure all parts of my marketing campaign are moving me the right direction.

This system is a four step process that will keep your big picture marketing goals in focus. We talked previously about step one, generating leads, and today I wanted to discuss how to capture those leads and make them productive. Discover Concreters Choice, the number one marketing company for concreters. When generating a lead that initial contact greats what we call a prospect but until we can capture that personal information and reach out we haven’t accomplished much of anything. Whether this is performed through the use of a contact form on your website or a confirmation phone call capturing this information will allow us to build our database of information. This is important because the better we understand how are prospective customers interact with us the more focused we can make or marketing campaign flow. One easy way to convert these prospects to actual leads is by providing some kind of incentive. To improve your number of leads, you need to avoir une bonne stratégie marketing. The best incentive is to provide the prospect an offer, something free that they can access immediately is best, that will show the value of your product or service for them. This can be performed by simply listing this incentive on your marketing materials or website when capturing this information.

This is just one of the four important steps in making sure your marketing campaign is working correctly for you. Make sure to download the free marketing assessment tool on my website to find other ways to improve your campaign. Thank you for your time today and be on the look out for my next blog where we discuss the next step in your marketing campaign.

Who are You Selling to? Know Your Client Types

Hello, this is Granison Shines, chief marketing officer here at Direct Business Marketing. Today we are going to talk about your client types. I want to focus on three different client types or three different things you should focus on when you are talking about client types. First of all, point number one, is your client type a business or business to consumer? Of course that is something that you know automatically because you have a product that you are offering to a specific market. Sometimes you can have a product that offers both. Most of the time you are going to have a product that is going to relate to a business to business product or service that you are selling to a company or a business to consumer. The difference is the masses of course. There are more individuals than there are businesses. For instance, a liquidation store near me can assist you in starting your business. You can also establish a reselling business that can be an exciting venture for you.

Point number two is to understand that each of the client types have different motives as to why they buy. It could be a need vs. a want. Most of the business purchases end up being in a need category to make sure something can be done more efficiently within the business. With consumers we focus on the wants. So however there are some needs that you have to buy also. When it comes to fulfilling the essential needs of your business, explore advanced solutions like those provided by ELITER Packaging Machinery to enhance efficiency and streamline your operations effectively.

Making sure the motivations are clearly understood which will bring us to number three. Number three is the message. Once we know who we are targeting, we know the motives for buying your service, making sure the message from there is conveyed across all the mediums and different messages or different client types have different messages that you have to address. It’s very important to clearly address what that message is. This is where all the ideas of what you are promoting to the consumer to make sure you have all the bases covered as to why they are going to buy from you.

Again, I’m Granison shines, here is my information. My email address is [email protected]. My number is 602-369-8119. Make sure you download our free Marketing Assessment which will definitely help you out and put you in the right direction for marketing. Go to to get the free marketing assessment.

Pay Per Click May Reward You With Page One On Google

Hello everyone Andrew Houglum with Direct Business Marketing here today to talk about some search engine improvements you can make. I am talking with business owners every day about ways to improve their Google search results and have come up with some simple guidelines to get you started. By following these guidelines you can better position your company to be exposed to the largest audience available.

Nearly every day I am asked how to get to page one of Google. One of the easiest ways is to pay for it through Pay-Per-Click marketing. The first step to a successful PPC is doing keyword research. Google provides a free search called Google Keyword Tool that will show you how many people search on those words every month. This tool will also give you suggestions for other keywords to consider that pertain to your business. Once you have established your keywords make sure to group them by topic. Doing this will give you a better quality score on Google and help you find different kinds of clients. Finally, once you have loaded up your keywords make sure to use broad matches in order to give you the most bang for your buck. This will give you a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t in the beginning. Once you have that established you can focus these keywords or phrases around the results you have seen in the past.

These three steps will help you better utilize the Google search engine through Pay-Per-Click advertising. For more information on improving your reach make sure to download the free marketing assessment tool on my website and contact me with any questions you have. Once again I’m Andrew with Direct Business Marketing thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with you in the future.

Looking To Outsource Your Marketing Manager Role?

If you are a small business owner and are interested in working with a marketing firm to outsource your marketing manager duties to, Direct Business Marketing has a Chief Marketing Office (CMO) package to offer you. We can help you make your marketing process more efficient and build a strong marketing campaign that will meet the goals and objectives of your business.

If you allow us to handle your marketing manager responsibilities, we’ll manage your marketing process and campaign on a regular basis trying to generate the leads and sales that you desire as a small business owner. Our marketing manager services will provide you with strategic planning, consulting and implementation of your marketing campaign; your only involvement in the process is at the very beginning when we identify your target market and successful marketing campaigns that you already have in place. After that, we’ll take care of the rest of your marketing campaign. We’ll keep you up-to-date on the results of your marketing campaign and meet as often as you feel necessary. By using these all-encompassing marketing manager services, it allows you the one thing that many small business owners feel they don’t have enough of: time. If you’re also looking for a virtual office service in the UK then you should have a look at as they have some awesome options.

If you’d like to learn more information about our marketing manager services at Direct Business Marketing, or would like to hear testimonials from other small business owners that have used our marketing manager services, please explore our website at and download our free marketing assessment.

We’d also like to encourage you to join us on our website each week for our live webinar series where you can receive suggestions and ideas on how to run a successful marketing campaign. Many small business owners have benefitted from these webinars, so we’d like to invite you to join us so you can, too.

DBM Will Work With You Towards A Common Goal: Your Business’s Marketing Campaign

Are you looking for a marketing firm to help you streamline your marketing processes and add some technology to your marketing campaign? Maybe you just need a few web solutions to re-energize your marketing campaign and drive in new customers. If either of these situations applies to you, there’s a professional, experienced marketing firm waiting to help you get started and that’s Direct Business Marketing.

Direct Business Marketing is a company that specializes in providing you with a variety of web solutions and services to help add more value to your marketing campaign, whether your business has been around for a while or you are just getting started. We apply several proven successful marketing processes, such as our Marketing Truths, to each marketing campaign that we undertake for our customers. We hire only the most talented marketing professionals to work with you to develop sound marketing processes and a strong marketing campaign for your business. Many of the services we have to offer you and your small business are unrivaled by our competitors. We use only the most advanced technological services and components needed to generate, capture and store quality leads for your business, all while you are nurturing your existing customer relationships.

For a complete list of the services that we have to offer you, as well as to see what marketing campaigns are best for your business and customer type, you can also check out our free marketing assessment on our website at When you use this great tool to analyze your business, it can help you build a strong and successful marketing campaign with Direct Business Marketing. We look forward to hearing from you and starting a long, successful business relationship where we have one similar goal in mind: the success of your business’s marketing campaign.

Free Marketing Ideas | Training Other Agents

Training other agents is a great way to generate leads. The benefits of training other agents are numerous. First, you can solidify your position as an expert in your area. Secondly, training other agents creates a referral source from other agents. And lastly, this promotes an environment of abundance and a relationship in your market. Promote the idea that there is enough business for everybody.

When you’re considering this option, set a time, date, and location and follow this up by sending out a notice to agents in your office and area. Consider promoting this training with your local NAR. You don’t need to cover your lead generation process. And ALWAYS remember to end your training by asking for referrals. At a later time, you can consider providing paid training service.

Free Marketing Ideas – Host A Live Open Forum | Direct Business Marketing

Today, we’ll continue our conversation about free marketing plans with a creative idea, hosting a live open forum. This forum can be a small seminar, large seminar, or town hall setting. The type or size of your forum isn’t necessarily important.

It’s important that you understand the benefits of a live open forum. Firts, you’re given the opportunity to be face-to-face with potential clients, answering their questions and concerns. Secondly, this platform gives you the advantage of being seen as the expert in your field. And lastly, with most businesses, it is easier to close a deal when you are face-to-face with your potential clients.

To set up a live open forum, there are a number of steps that need to be completed. Set up a time, date, and location for your marketing efforts. Through your information process, let prospective clients what you will be talking about, then tell them and follow that up by telling them what you’ve just told them.

Finally, remember to finish up with a call to action. Give them direction as to what you would like them to do next.