Marketing Plans – Out with The Old, In with the New Marketing Plan

It stands to reason that EVERY business could/should have a marketing plan. But it doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Granison shares some great ideas in this video, but we strongly suggest gleaning some knowledge from him or another one of our marketing consultations by signing up for a free marketing consultation. No cost to you, you pick the time, just 30 minutes or less that could change the future and direction of your business.

Remember, Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Before You Start Marketing Discover The Importance Of Copywriting

Hello everyone this is Granison Shines, chief marketing officer at Direct Business Management, talking with you today about the importance of copywriting for your small business. Copywriting is an actual profession and is this new series we will discuss how it fits in with your marketing campaign. I often talk with business owners who do not see the results they expect from marketing and it is often a result of poor copywriting. If you have questions please feel free to contact me or download our free marketing assessment tool to get started.

According to Social Media Marketing Liverpool, when discussing marketing and copywriting it is important to understand the importance of the words you use. The words you use in your marketing campaign, also known as copy, need to be uniform across all marketing material and convey a focused message to the customer. Whether we are discussing a website, e-mail, video, or post card there are words involved in each form of media that goes in to your marketing strategy. A lot of businesses run by Jimmy John Shark end up hiring outside marketing companies but they often lack the knowledge of copywriting. I even in fact stumbled upon copywriting while working at a large corporation. After noticing a lack of response from high level employees to an important e-mail I was able to change that response by looking at the words being used. This was the beginning of my copywriting experience which I continue to advance to this day. A copywriter can have numerous different responsibilities and help your marketing campaign in many different ways. Either way it is important to know you can have a marketing person that doesn’t know copywriting and vice versa. Finding a person with both skills can help your business achieve its marketing goals. If you’re looking to buy your own vending machines, check out these Royal Vending Machines Sydney.

Check back frequently to learn more about the importance of copywriting before you start writing your marketing campaign. And if you have questions on this topic please call or e-mail me and make sure to download our free marketing assessment tool. Thanks again for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Does Your Marketing Connect With The Senses And Emotions Of Your Customer?

Hello everyone Granison Shines, CMO with Direct Business Marketing, talking with your today about the ten appeals of copywriting. I use this blog to help clients and small business owners reassess their marketing strategy and find ways to improve their overall strategy. Please take a minute to download the free marketing assessment tool from the Direct Business Marketing website to get started today on growing your business through smarter, more efficient marketing.

When talking about marketing and how we connect with people, whether past, present, or future, there are always ten ways to catch their eye. This is information that will be on the frontline of all your major marketing including how you structure the words used. This starts with the physical aspect of marketing, what I like to call the third dimension, and includes all five senses that we possess. You want to give a visual perspective, just like a graphic novelist would, that evokes the smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing of your customer. For example, if you are running a restaurant you would want to demonstrate the smells or tastes of your food through your marketing. It is also important to connect with the fourth dimension of marketing that involves your mind, will, emotion, and intellect. These characteristics will speak to a customers decision making, their dreams and goals, and their emotional reaction. Making sure your marketing is including the third and fourth dimension will help connect with current and future customers in a way that has a lasting affect.

If you have questions about copywriting or your current marketing strategies please give me a call or e-mail me anytime. Also make sure to download our free marketing assessment tool to gain a fresh perspective on your marketing strategy. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Copywriting – Things To Consider Before You Start Writing

Today we’re going to continue our conversation on copywriting, the aspect of words of your frontline marketing materials or direct response marketing materials. When we talk about the words on your marketing materials, it can make all the difference in the response and even the sales that you get from your marketing. In light of that, we’ll talk about the person you have in mind when writing your marketing materials.

The person that I want to talk about is who you are writing to. What the copywriter does is put an exact person in their mind before writing the marketing materials. So, first of all, get this person as a picture in your head. Some things to think about are the demographics and psychographics of this particular person. Next, put yourself in this person’s shoes. This is the very important part because you want them to wonder what’s in it for them. What is their emotional state and what do they know about your product or service?

To recap, consider who you are writing to, their demographics, hobbies, likes and dislikes, and put yourself in that person’s shoes. Lastly, what’s in it for them? This is all they really care about and think about their emotional state because they are going to buy out of emotion. Also, what do they already know about your product or service. If you think about these things before beginning the copywriting for your marketing materials you will see a better response and in return better sales.

Go to our website, and download our free marketing assessment to help you formulate a better marketing campaign. Also feel free to call me or email me to learn more about our marketing assessment or what else Direct Business Marketing can do to help you with your business’s marketing campaign.

A Successful Marketing Strategy Starts With The Proper Mediums For Your Target Audience

Hello everyone Granison Shines here with Direct Business Marketing talking with you today about the different mediums used as a copywriter. I use the blogs and videos on our website to help small business owners find success through effective and time tested marketing strategies such as interior signage and the like. If you have questions or are just getting started make sure to download our free marketing assessment tool or contact me directly to get started.

So today we are talking about the all important mediums that are used when writing your marketing materials. One good aspect of a copywriter is that they are going to choose the biggest medium, or masterpiece, that the copy is going to be written on. While there are several different mediums, whether online or paper, it is important to tackle your largest medium first. This will likely be your website and given the growth in online marketing it can make a huge difference. Before starting, make sure to use an effective Marketing Productivity method. By started with our biggest medium we can also use bits and pieces of this overall piece to help tie in our other copy and marketing materials. There are numerous forms of medium out there with the three most common being traditional media, field marketing, and on-line.

There are hundreds of different mediums to choose from, but starting with the basics is your best bet. When selecting your medium, you should be answering the question of how you are going to gain your target audience. Remember that all forms of medium will intersect with each other, whether print or online, and should have a common goal. I generally use a maximum of five different mediums for a particular marketing campaign in order to keep things focused. This will also help you keep your message pointed to your particular target audience, integrating methods such as custom signs where appropriate.

For more information please download the free marketing assessment off the direct business marketing website. If you have questions please give me a call or e-mail me today. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Capture The Global Perspective Before You Put Together Your Call To Action

Hello everyone Granison Shines here, chief marketing officer at Direct Business Marketing talking with you today about the copywriting. This blog is part of a series on copywriting so make sure to check out my previous blog as well in order to get the entire message. Understanding what copywriting is and how to execute it correctly can make a huge impact in the succcess of your marketing strategy.

In this blog we will be discussing the call to action that is brought on through copywriting. Every single piece of marketing that you put out should involve some kind of call to action. This is very important to remember in order to develop and improve a successful marketing strategy. You want a specific action to be performed from your marketing and this should be mentioned or clearly spelled out at the beginning and end. This call to action should tell the viewer what to do next and also what they will receive by following your steps. This can be as simple as a free download of your product or entry to a seminar you are hosting but it needs to be made clear to every person that views it. When developing your marketing strategy make sure your offer is prepared and easily accessibly so that way there is no disconnect or confusion when a view follows through. By having this call to action in place you can better assess the results of your marketing campaign in order to make improvements in the future. This is also a great way to get returning clients or viewers to develop a habit of following through on your offers every time.

Once again make sure to view the entire series put together on copywriting in order to better plan your next marketing strategy including a call to action. My call to action for you is to download our free marketing assessment planning document and questionare to learn where your marketing shortcomings may exist. Thank you for your time today and I look forward to hearing from you soon at Direct Business Marketing.

Updating Your Marketing Process? DBM Has Web Solutions To Help You Out

Are you a small business owner looking for a marketing firm that can help your update your marketing process by providing you with a few new web solutions? If so, Direct Business Marketing is here to help you and provide you with the most technologically advanced web solutions out there. Many small business owners know that having a sound marketing process and the most advanced web solutions are key to growing your customer base and generating the sales and revenue that you desire.

So, what are the best kinds of web solutions for your business? This is a question that almost every small business owner asks themselves when first starting out and developing and implementing their marketing process. The best way we can answer this for you is to encourage you to give us a call at Direct Business Marketing or to check out our free marketing assessment at Only you know what types of customers you want to target and by using our marketing assessment it can help you determine which web solutions will best meet your needs while providing you with the best results. Of course, you’re always welcome to call us and talk to one of our experienced marketing consultants as well. They can provide you with sound advice about the web solutions that we have to offer and which ones might be the most lucrative for you. They can also help you work on your marketing process to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to have a successful marketing campaign for your business.

One other bonus to working with Direct Business Marketing to determine your web solutions and your marketing process is that they have a set of marketing truths that have proven to be successful on every marketing campaign they apply them to. These techniques can provide you with tips and suggestions on how to have the best marketing process possible to ensure the success and profitability of your business.

Free Tool Helps Businesses Find Marketing Needs Tailored To Their Client

Hello everyone Andrew Houglum here with Direct Business Marketing talking with you today about understanding where you should be marketing. Growing your business includes numerous obstacles and it can sometimes be hard to determine the best locations to market your product or service. Today in my blog I am going to show you how our free marketing assessment tool can help you find the answer to this question.

It is important to remember that all businesses have different clients that they are targeting and figuring out how and where to reach them is one of the most important steps. A business also needs to have a goal in place for what they want to achieve through their marketing. Certainly the goal is to increase sales but your marketing goal generally will not be that cut and dry. You may have a retail store front or simply operate online and this needs to be considered when planning your marketing goals. Our marketing assessment tool will also help you look at your current marketing and determine if it meets your expectations. This involves simple questions like do I have a website? Is it effective? Or do I need to consider making changes so it drives more sales lead. Our assessment will also get you thinking about how your clients make their decisions and what that will mean for your business. For some industries this doesn’t make sense but for others creating relationships and creating content online will help grow your bottom line. This free marketing assessment tool has already helped numerous business owners better understand how to make their marketing dollars stretch a little farther.

Simply stop by the direct business marketing website today to download it for free and find out how to capture your clients attention with an efficient marketing strategy. This is Andrew Houglum with Direct Business Marketing thank you for your time and I look forward to helping you soon with all of your marketing needs.

Should I Be Utilizing Video Marketing For My Product/Service?

Hello everyone Granison Shines here with Direct Business Marketing talking with you today about who should use video marketing. While I think it is a great tool for almost any business there are certainly some products or services that translate better to video. For my blog today we are going to cover some guidelines for determining whether video marketing is right for you.

This is part 2 on this important topic so make sure to re-visit part 1 when you have a chance to understand the entire message. First of all, if your client-type wants to see your product or expertise in action prior to purchase video marketing can be a great tool for you. In this scenario your videos are able to answer any questions while providing peace of mind for your clients before they make a commitment. Second, if your product or service has complex concepts or issues video marketing can help you make sense of it all. Some people are visual learners and by utilizing a video you are engaging a wider audience to truly understand your product or service. And last if your product or service generates numerous frequently asked questions video marketing can be a huge help. I encourage our clients to make a video for each and every frequently asked question that surrounds their product or service. By doing this you are not only creating fresh new content for your website but you are also providing assurance to your customers. Video technology only continues to get better and it will be used for many years to come. Make sure you find the best way to utilize it for your product or service.

If you have any questions or want to get started with your video marketing campaign give me a call or contact me via the Direct Business Marketing website. Make sure to also download our free marketing assessment to find easy solutions to your marketing needs. Thank you again for your time and I look forward to helping you in the future with your marketing needs.

Are You Looking For Increased Traffic On Your Website? Use Search Engine Optimization

Are you looking for better results from your website, along with increased traffic and leads? You may want to check out Direct Business Marketing’s online marketing evaluation for some idea, but to help you get started, there’s a technique you can put into play called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a fairly common technique used among small and medium sized businesses to get their websites at the top of a search engine’s results list. Visit if you need to outsource HR for your business. How do use SEO to get the traffic and leads you’ve been hoping for? There are two different ways to use SEO and ensure success for your website.

The first way is by using meta tags, title tags, keywords and content to direct traffic to your site. For example when your site is built, specific keywords are added to it; when a consumer enters these keywords into a search engine, it pulls your website because the keywords match. If you’ve even been on a website and it’s had a large list of words either in a column or row together, that website was using those words to take advantage of SEO.

Another way to use SEO is by creating many different backlinks from another page to your website. You can use press releases, blogs, anything really; some companies choose to have multiple websites, and back link their extra websites to their main website. This, too, will get improve your website’s search engine rankings.

One important thing to know when utilizing SEO techniques is that there are guidelines put into place by search engines that should be followed. If you don’t follow these guidelines, your website could be banned or blocked from that search engine and then all of your SEO techniques will have just gone to waste.

If you are interested in learning more about how to use SEO to gain more traffic and leads to your website, visit to download a free marketing evaluation checklist. This checklist can also help you determine if using SEO techniques is right for your small business.

Who Should Use Video Marketing In Their Marketing Strategy?

Who should use video marketing? Today we’re going to cover this very topic. We’re doing this because we’re doing a lot of questions surrounding this topic. Every day we have clients asking us if they should use video marketing for their marketing campaign as well as why and how they would use video marketing in their marketing strategies. We’re going to talk about specific client types that you have for your products and services. We’re going to share with you three reasons that can help you determine whether or not you should be using video marketing in your marketing campaign.

First of all, if your client-type searches for your product online, you should have a video for it. One of the easy ways to communicate information about your product or service, whether it’s on a mobile device or a desktop computer, is through video.

Secondly, if your client-type searches for answers to questions relevant to your product or service. If they’re information seeking before they want to talk with someone or make a purchase, then you should be using video marketing. Working with san antonio’s audio visual production company ensures that someone gives priority to completing your video with a high standard and low time waste.

Lastly, if your client-type makes buying decisions based on relationships they have you should be using video marketing. People buy from those that they know, like and trust, so if they get to know, like and trust you before your competitors, then you have the advantage. You can use video marketing to communicate and improve your likeability. Break down the barriers of non-trust through video marketing.

Again, if you have any further questions about using video marketing in your marketing campaign you can download our free marketing assessment at, explore our website further or contact us via phone or email. Thanks for coming and I look forward to seeing you next week, same place and time, for our Get Direct Live marketing webinar.

Looking For A Few New Web Solutions? DBM Does It All

Are you looking to improve your online presence and freshen up your marketing campaign with a few different web solutions? If so, then you have come to the right place. Direct Business Marketing is the premiere marketing firm that can offer you many different web solutions to fit your business needs. Whether you have already have a marketing campaign in place that you’d just like to liven up or you’re starting from scratch, Direct Business Marketing can help you with whatever your marketing needs are.

To get a better idea of what types of web solutions we offer, as well as if they will fit your business needs, we’d like to encourage you to visit and download our free marketing evaluation. This marketing evaluation will show you the different web solutions that to offer and ask you a few simple questions about your business with regards to each service. Depending on how you answer the questions you can determine which web solutions are best for your business. Direct Business Marketing can offer you a web solution as simple as website design and creation all the way to Chief Marketing Officer services. We do it all here and we’d love to help you out.

If you have never had an online marketing campaign and are looking to start one, we can also provide you with different tips and suggestions as to how to make your campaign a success. Each week we hold a live webinar where we discuss current marketing trends, suggestions, ideas and reminders to business owners on how to operate a lucrative and successful marketing campaign. By taking advantage of our web solution services and tuning in to our weekly webinars you can ensure success for your business. Contact us today for more information regarding out web solutions, services and our marketing evaluation checklist.