Email Marketing: When You Should Use Text Vs. Graphics

Sending email to clients, should you do graphical or text? Hello and thank you for joining me today, I am Granison Shines with Direct Business Marketing. At this time I am going to cover email marketing; this is the first of a three part series on this. Today we’ll cover graphical vs. text emails. Here at DBM, we usually talk to you about text emails but today we’re going to go through a couple of points as to when you should use text vs. graphics in your email marketing.

When you look like you’re writing to the customer, you want to make sure you send out a plain text email because it comes across as more personal to the receiver; you don’t want it to come across as a blast email that got sent out to everyone. Make sure that you send out text emails if you are updating your consumer on something or are trying to relay more information on something.

When should you use graphic emails? When you want it to look like a blast, but when do you want it to look like a blast? If you’re sending out a message, such as Happy Thanksgiving or Merry Christmas, this is okay; you can put some graphics in there because they are probably aware it is a blast email.

Thanks again for joining me today. Here is my information; again, I am Granison Shines with Direct Business Marketing. You can contact me at 602.369.8119 or email me at [email protected] with any marketing questions you may have for your business. I’d like to remind you to download our Marketing Assessment at to help you determine which types of marketing strategies are best for your business and customer type. Lastly, please join me again next week for our continuing Get Direct live webinar series.

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