Two Simple Rules For Properly Utilizing Social Media

Hello everyone this is Granison Shines with Direct Business Marketing thank you for your time today. I am the Chief Marketing Officer here at DBM and wanted to share some valuable information with you today about utilizing social media as a marketing tool. The numbers show that social media continues to grow its users and if used correctly can be a great form of marketing for your business.

In order to capitalize on the ever growing social media user base it is important to remember these two simple rules when assessing your results. First, it is very important to use the reports and analytics that sites like Facebook or Twitter make available to you. Having this information at your finger tips is the best way to discover what has been popular on your page, what can be improved upon, and what your customers are saying about you. The great part about these reports is that the information gathered can eliminate the guessing game of how to best reach your audience. By focusing on what you know has been successful your company will be positioned to ramp up the number of likes, follows, or friends to your social media page. Once this has been achieved you can follow through with the second rule which involves engaging your customers and listening to what these new connections have to say. A big part of social media is connecting with people that once were not available and engaging your customers online can help you move in the right direction.

So in review, make sure you are utilizing your social media reports to focus your attention on what is successful and then follow through by engaging your new friends. These two simple rules are a great way to utilize social media as a part of your marketing strategy. Once again this is Granison Shines with Direct Business Marketing thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

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