E-Mail Marketing: A Call To Action Can Drive Your Success

Hello everyone Granison Shines here again to wrap up our discussion about e-mail marketing and reaching clients. In this series of videos we have covered each of the essential steps needed to make sure your e-mail marketing is successful. If you have not seen the first installment on e-mail marketing please make sure to check it out on my website.

E-mail marketing is something that a lot of companies use but are not always utilizing this e-mail to its full potential. In order to make your e-mail marketing successful day in and day out make sure you are using short informative paragraphs, making use of bullet points to drive home a point, and most importantly close the e-mail with a call to action. The first impression of your e-mail is very important and one way to capture your client’s attention is with easy to read short paragraphs full of information. One way to share a lot of information without lengthy paragraphs is the use of bullet points. Using bullet points keeps your client focused on the main subject of your e-mail while also conveying your entire message. Most importantly the reason we want that focus is to deliver a call to action at the end of the e-mail. Whether this is a link to your website or a product that is the subject of the e-mail make sure you are motivating them to follow through.

These are three tips to e-mail marketing that will help you keep your clients focus while also delivering your message and the result you had hoped to gain. To consider other ways you can improve reaching your clients make sure to download my free marketing assessment at directbusinessmarketing.com. Once again I am Granison Shines, thank you for your time today and feel free to contact me with all of your marketing questions.

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