Put A Link In The Description Box When Using Video Marketing

Why is it so important to put a link in your description when you are video marketing? Thanks for tuning in today for Direct Business Marketing’s Get Direct live webinar marketing series. Right now I am going to tell you why it is so important to put your website’s link in the description box when uploading your video to YouTube.

You definitely want to put a link in your description box and I see so many times when people fail to do this. It is essential to first put the http:// because this will tell YouTube that it is a link; put this on the first line of your description. After that, you need to remember to hit Enter and then type your description about your video. This is imperative because you get some backlinking help for SEO for your website as well as someone viewing your video will have a link to click on to go to your website; if you don’t have your link in the description, how will they know where to go to find you? They will have to turn to a search engine and that may not get them directly to your website. Make it easy for the consumer by putting your website link into the description box when utilizing video marketing.

Again, my name is Andrew Houglum and I can be contacted via telephone at 602.571.5803 or via email at [email protected]. I’d also like to encourage you to download our free marketing assessment at https://directbusinessmarketing.com/ma if you’re trying to determine which marketing avenues are best for your business and customer type. Thanks again for joining me today and we’ll see you next week, same time, same place, for our Get Direct live webinar series.

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