DBM’s IDX Add-on Markets Real Estate Using SEO; Does Your Current MLS Solution Do This?

If you’ve considered using Direct Business Marketing’s IDX add-on to market real estate to homebuyers, we’d like to tell you today why you should go with Direct Business Marketing instead of another IDX service. First, you should know that when DBM works on any marketing process or campaign with their customers, they apply their proven processes to garner the best results possible.

Often times when a real estate agent is looking for a new way to market real estate, they ask us why they can’t just use their current MLS solution to generate traffic and leads to their site. The simple answer is because a majority of MLS solutions don’t use search engine optimization; Direct Business Marketing does. When you utilize SEO practices on your website, you website is indexed by search engines, allowing it to get better organic results and improving its visibility. If you’re trying to revamp your marketing process and successfully market real estate, wouldn’t you want to take advantage of SEO practices? This, too, is why you should choose Direct Business Marketing’s IDX solution instead of one of our competitors. We use search engine friendly content on all of our websites and through all of our marketing processes; most other IDX solutions don’t do this.

Also, when you work with us to market real estate and add our IDX services to your marketing process, your potential customers have the capability to create an account within your site. This allows them to save their searches as well as sign up to receive emails when homes matching their criteria are listed.

An IDX solution with Direct Business Marketing is the best solution possible if you want to successfully market real estate and improve your marketing process. Contact us for more information today on how we can help you do both of these things.

How To Market Real Estate To Buyers: Use Our IDX Add-On

Are you looking for a tool that can help you market real estate and appeal to buyers? Direct Business Marketing has a tool available for you to add to your marketing process that can help you generate buyer leads by bridging the gap between what the buyer is searching for and what you have to offer. Our IDX add-on connects your website to all of the properties in your MLS, creating a large amount of content for buyers to search through.

Many realtors that have used our IDX add-on to market real estate have had great success with it for many different reasons. As previously mentioned, our IDX add-on creates a large amount of content for buyers and search engines to look through, giving them what they need and desire. Additionally, when you market real estate with our IDX add-on, buyers have the capability to create their own account, save searches and sign up for email updates with new home listings. This sounds like it meets all the needs of your prospective customers, doesn’t it? Also, when a buyer uses a search engine to look for a specific city, it will take them to your landing page, further helping you market your real estate.

When you add our IDX add-on into your marketing process, we’ll build your website with white hate SEO techniques to get you the best search engine rankings possible and to improve your visibility. This is a benefit that most other IDX solutions don’t offer. If you’d like to learn more on how to market real estate with Direct Business Marketing and add our IDX add-on into your marketing process, please contact us today or explore our website at https://directbusinessmarketing.com. When you work with us to achieve your business goals, we’ll ensure their met all while providing you with a service that is unrivaled by our competitors.

Learn How To Market Real Estate With Our SoS System

If you have considered using the Short or Stay System to better market real estate to consumers and enhance your marketing process, you may have a few questions about how it works. Today, we’d like to go over some of our frequently asked questions in hopes that your questions will be answered. First, we’d like to tell you that the SoS system has proved to be very beneficial to those realtors that have already implemented it into their marketing process. It’s a great way to market real estate to your customers by providing them with a tool that can benefit them a lot.

One of the most commonly asked questions we get from realtors that want to learn how to market real estate is, “Where do the leads go?” The great news about our SoS tool is that the leads get emailed directly to you as well as are stored in the backend of your website.

Another question we get asked often is “Can my calculator be integrated with my current system?” If you already have an existing website to market your real estate, our SoS system can be added to it as long as you have an autoresponder. Not only can we update your existing website, but we also allow you to update the content as much as possible. You’re in complete control when it comes to marketing your real estate. One thing that we highly recommend, though, is that you use video on your website. Many realtors ask if they have to use video and while it’s not mandatory, it is highly recommended. When you use video, it helps you build the relationship between you and the consumer, further helping you market your real estate.

Using our SoS system to help you market real estate can be a great decision for your business. If you have any further questions on how we can help you implement this into your marketing process, or if you have additional questions on how to market real estate, please explore our website or contact us today.

Searching For New Ways On How To Market Real Estate? Try DBM’s SoS System

Are you a real estate or short sale agent searching the internet for new ways to market real estate? If so, we have a great new tool that we’d like to tell you about today and that’s the Short or Stay Marketing System offered by Direct Business Marketing. The SoS system is a plug-and-play system that can provide you a new way to market your real estate and capture short sale leads.

Other real estate agents that have implemented the SoS system into their marketing process have seen great results from it. When you use our SoS system as a new way to market your real estate, it comes with three different parts. First, we build you a customized website with sound SEO techniques, getting you the best search rankings possible to generate the most traffic. Next, we’ll put the Short Or Stay Calculator on your website. This tool is easy for your customers to use and will provide them with a great deal of information. Not only will they learn their property value, but they’ll also see just how long it will take until their property is no longer underwater. They’ll receive a free email report outlining the details and so will you, offering you the chance to follow with them on their situation. Lastly, we’ll provide you with marketing materials to promote your website and drive even more traffic to it.

If you need a fresh, new way to update your marketing process and market real estate, the SoS System can truly help you. When you use our SoS System, it can provide you with a very easy way to capture leads and generate new customers. Contact Direct Business Marketing today for more information and to learn more about how we can help you successfully market your real estate business.

Learn How To Successfully Use SEO With Direct Business Marketing

If you have thought about how to use SEO to boost the traffic that your website is receiving, you may be wondering if there’s a marketing firm out there to help you implement using SEO into your marketing process. The good news is that Direct Business Marketing is here to help you learn how to successfully use SEO and we’d like to tell you why you should work with us.

First, you should know that when we implement how to SEO into your marketing process, we use only white hat techniques, meaning we follow all rules and guidelines outlined by search engines. Black hat techniques are unethical and could potentially get your website banned or blocked for good, so if we’re going to take the time and effort to show you how to use SEO, we’re going to do it the right way; we don’t want to waste our resources. With our SEO services, we also use several different backlinking sources, such as social bookmarks and blogs, to direct more people to your website. We target highly ranked websites and strategically place your links there to take advantage of that website’s traffic. lastly, when we show you how to add SEO into your marketing process, you can expect to see results within a month or so and within two months you can expect to get first page rankings.

Learning how to SEO with Direct Business Marketing is something that can only benefit your business; it will get more traffic to your website allowing you to capture those leads and turn them in to sales. We are constantly tracking the results of every marketing campaign that we help manage, so you’ll always be aware of what kind of results your website is getting and how using SEO has helped it improve.

Need A Sound Marketing Process And Successful Web Solutions For Your New Business? DBM Can Help With That!

Have you considered starting a small business but are concerned that you wouldn’t know how to successfully create a sound marketing process or launch a successful online marketing campaign? If this is the only thing holding you back, we’re here to reassure you that there’s one marketing firm that can help you create a marketing process like no other and provide you with a number of different web solutions to get you started. Direct Business Marketing is here to help all small business owners by providing them with web solutions that are unrivaled by any other marketing firm in the country; we’re passionate about what we do and want to work with you to help you achieve your business goals.

One web solution that we highly recommend you utilize in your marketing process, especially if you’re just starting out, is a website. DBM offers small business owners website design and creation services that will get your website noticed by consumers. Our websites are built with an SEO mindset, meaning we use every web solution possible, such as keywords, relevant content and video to get your website the best ranking within a search engine while at the same time increasing your website’s visibility. With every web solution that we provide, we apply our set of Marketing Truths to ensure the best results possible and it’s no different with your website. When applied to marketing processes in any type of business industry, our Marketing Truths have been proven successful time and time again.

There’s no need to hesitate any longer about starting your small business because Direct Business Marketing is here to calm your worries about creating a sound marketing process by providing you with innovative web solutions that can help you meet the needs of your customers. Please call us today at Direct Business Marketing for more information on how we can help you create the web solutions that you need to get your business up and running.

DBM’s Mobile Web Solution Has A Few Perks To Offer Your Customers

Are you looking for a web solution that will cater to those customers that typically use their smart phone or tablet to access the internet? Maybe you’re interested in taking advantage of the growing number of people, especially the younger generation, that use a mobile device to search for local goods and services. If either one of these situations applies to you, Direct Business Marketing has a web solution that can help you with this: mobile optimization.

Did you know that over half of all local searches begin on a mobile device? If you’re one of the small business owners that wants to find a mobile web solution to add to your marketing process, you know what the current marketing trend is right now. DBM’s mobile web solution is an add-on to your existing website, whether it was built by us or not. We build a special code into your URL that automatically detects what type of device a consumer is using; they’re automatically directed to either your regular or mobile website depending on this. If you use DBM’s mobile web solution, your mobile website is essentially the same as your regular one; the images are smaller and the menus are altered, but the consumer gets the exact same experienced that they would if they were viewing your website on a PC. DBM’s mobile web solution has a few different perks with it as well. You have the ability to upload videos to your mobile website and users can either click to dial your number or generate driving directions from your site.

If you’re looking to add mobile optimization to your marketing process, give Direct Business Marketing a call. We can have your mobile web solution up and running in a matter of days so that you can take advantage of your mobile website as quickly as possible.

Want Help Creating A Sound Marketing Process? DBM’s Marketing Managers Can Help With That

As a small business owner, have you decided that trying to create a sound marketing process and implement a successful marketing campaign is something more than you can handle on your own? If that’s the case, you should know that you are not alone and there’s help out there for you. Many small business owners that feel this way turn to Direct Business Marketing for all of their marketing manager needs.

DBM provides a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) service that is all-inclusive; we handle every aspect of your marketing campaign for you, from deployment, to management to regular updates. There’s no need for your marketing processes to suffer any longer because we’re here for you.

If you choose to let DBM handle your marketing manager duties, we will initially sit down with you to discuss what successful marketing strategies you already have in place. From there, we’ll create a marketing process and campaign that focuses on your target marketing and with provide us with sound tracking mechanisms. After that, your work is essentially done. We’ll deploy, manager and update the campaign on a regular basis while providing you statistics, data and results as often as you would like them.

One final benefit to letting us handle your marketing manager duties is that we use our entire professional marketing team to help us meet the goals and objectives of your campaign. We utilize everyone’s creative resources and apply our proven successful processes, such as our Marketing Truths, to your campaign to get the results that you desire.

If you would like to have a sound marketing process, a successful marketing campaign and grow your business, let us handle your marketing manager duties for you. Call us today at Direct Business Marketing or explore our website at https://directbusinessmarketing.com for more beneficial information.