Marketing Truths: Current Content Is King When It Comes To Successfully Marketing Your Business

We’re going to be talking about our marketing truths. In our business we have a set of marketing truths that we practice our business by. We put all of our marketing campaigns through these marketing truths and we’ve found that when we do that we have much higher success levels. Today we’re going to talk about a specific marketing truth, “Content is King”. This marketing truth has to do specifically with online marketing.

“Current Content Is King” kind of comes from the business vernacular that says “Cash is King”; the “cash” of online search engines is current content. The whole point of search engines is to find new content, that’s why when you do searches online, it will tell you how current your search results are. The best way to work with search engines is to give them what they want and in this case it’s current content.

People love video; YouTube is always one of the top websites used online on a daily basis. Search engines like text so another key to the “Content Is King” is to provide both video and text content to the viewers that come to your website. We also suggest that you create content on a weekly basis at minimum.

Finally, when we talk to clients about this and generating content to be successful, the easiest thing to do is to speak with the people at your business and brainstorm some ideas, such as FAQs and SAQs; if you just sit down and start brainstorming, before long you’ll have a decent list to leverage onto your website. Also, create a schedule and block out some time to create content for your website. Once you have a brainstormed list and a blocked out time, stick to it because you’ll definitely see the results in your business.

I also wanted to make you aware of our marketing assessment. It’s a planning document and questionnaire to assist you in your business and identify marketing areas and mediums that you should use. Go to to download this document. Again, my name is Andrew Houglum and I look forward to seeing you next Wednesday at 10am PST for our live webinar series.

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