Marketing Truths: Align Your Marketing With Your Business Type

Today we’re going to continue our conversation on marketing truths. Remember we’ve extracting these marketing truths that are superimposed over every campaign that we do for our clients. We use these marketing truths because they are principal based and they work for many different industries. Today we’re going to talk about classifying your commerce. This is one of my favorite topics because it really hones in on what type of marketing and advertising you’re going to be doing as a company.

First, we have a Relationship-based or “Customer Intimate” business. This is the type of business that’s usually more service oriented. You’re going to have a much better client acquisition process when you put a face and a voice to the business. Remember, people deal with people that they know, like and trust.

Second is a Price Based or “Low-cost Leader” business; if you’re a Best Buy or a Wal-Mart, if you sell products that are more commodities, you’re going to have a low-cost leader based business. With this type of business, it’s more about price and less about customer intimacy. From an advertising standpoint, the ads may be more colorful with more products and everything is about price.

The third type of business is New Product Based or “Product Innovator” this is where your ads focus on the features and benefits of the product, such as Apple or Samsung. You rarely see a spokesperson for these types of businesses because it’s always focused on the product. This determines the selling argument of your marketing. When you put together the campaign make sure that your marketing and advertising is in line with whatever type of business that you have. Make sure the entire process, even the sales process, has the right information in the message.

Again, I am Granison Shines with Direct Business Marketing; I can be reached at 602.369.8119 or [email protected]. When you have a chance go to our website and download our free Marketing Assessment questionnaire. We’ll see you again next week at 10am PST for our Get Direct live webinar series.

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