Video Marketing: Make Sure Your Viewer Always Knows What’s Next

Hello everyone Andrew Houglum here with Direct Business Marketing talking with you today about video marketing. Using video marketing is a great way to connect and engage your customer base and today I wanted to share some information on making this a successful tool. Anyone can throw a video up on their website but we want your videos to end with the question ‘What’s Next?’.

This means your videos should end with a call to action for your viewers. The last thing you want to do is leave your customer hanging so to speak and have them start watching other videos or navigate to a different page. For this reason make sure your videos end with a clear call to action for your viewer to follow through to the next step. If you don’t tell your viewer what to do they will make that decision on their own. At the end of video you should be telling your viewer exactly what to do whether it is through a link to a new page or content to download. The value of using video is showing your customers that you are a real person and building a connection through that interaction. In order to capture that connection make sure your videos always provide a clear call to action for each and every viewer. In doing so you will answer the question of ‘What’s Next?’ for each and every customer who watches your video.

With that in mind, go to my website, , and make sure to download our free marketing assessment tool today. If you have any questions about video marketing you can also reach me at 602-571-5803 or via e-mail. Thank you for tuning in today and I hope to hear from you soon.

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