Understanding The Importance Of Bridging The Search/Offer Gap

Hello there this is Granison Shines, chief marketing officer with Direct Business Marketing, thank you for your time today. Today I wanted to talk with you about an important part of properly utilizing your websites found through search engines. Whether through an organic online search or a suggested result it is important to bridge the search or offer gap to best capture your audience.

When you have clients who have prospects found through a search engine we want to make sure we bridge this gap between the search engine and the product. The two major parts of this is finding out what your customer base wants and second making sure we provide that in the best possible format. Whatever is being entered in to the search engine is the main focus of your customer and therefore needs to be readily available. Whether your product is found through an organic search or a paid advertisement it is important that we follow through when they land on your webpage. Simply put, the information that was originally searched for needs to be easily viewed in the best possible format. Nothing will throw off potential customers faster than a confusing website that is not directly related to their original product search. In order for SEO to be an important part of your marketing strategy these two simple steps must be followed in order to drive quality traffic to your site.

If you have any questions on the value of SEO marketing to your business please e-mail or give me a call today. Whether you are developing a new business or just revamping your marketing strategy Direct Business Marketing wants to help your customer base find you fast. Once again this is Granison Shines, thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day.

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