Marketing Truths: Three Things To Tease With Potential Customers

Thanks again for coming to Direct Business Marketings Get Direct Webinar. Today we’re going to talk about another one of our marketing truths, Three Things to Tease. Marketing truths are things that we hold near and dear to our heart and have found that as long as we wash all of these over each of our campaigns our success rate goes up.

Today we’re going to talk about Three Things to Tease and this specifically has to do with a call to action. The type of marketing we do here at Direct Business Marketing is called direct response marketing. With this, we’re looking to have the prospect do some sort of action as acknowledgment that they’re interested in our products and services. When we talk about teasing in the title, we’re looking to get a call to action in place. For different products we’re going to have different calls to action, but you want to keep these three things in mind.

The first thing they are looking for is value added in advance, essentially getting something for nothing. If you can provide value in advance, whether it’s in the form of information, soft offer or even if you have a hard widget, this will help tease the client. The next thing they are looking for is an adequate solution. With most products or services with small businesses they have a problem and they’re looking for a solution. It could be all the way into service industries where you have a more finite product and your customers are looking for a solution to their problem. The other thing almost everyone is looking for is a trusted advisor. They’re looking for someone that can advise them what they should do and what they shouldn’t do.

When you’re constructing your marketing and your call to action you want to keep these things in mind. As long as you keep these things in mind your call to action will be that much more effective and is going to convert at a higher rate. Please join us every Wednesday at 10am PST for our free webinars. Also keep in mind that at we have our marketing questionnaire to help you choose what type of marketing is best for you.

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