LIVE SEMINAR: Video Marketing for Real Estate Agents


In this video, Granison Shines – CMO of Direct Business Marketing, shares video marketing information to Real Estate Agents in the Phoenix Metro Area.

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Should I Be Utilizing Video Marketing For My Product/Service?

Hello everyone Granison Shines here with Direct Business Marketing talking with you today about who should use video marketing. While I think it is a great tool for almost any business there are certainly some products or services that translate better to video. For my blog today we are going to cover some guidelines for determining whether video marketing is right for you.

This is part 2 on this important topic so make sure to re-visit part 1 when you have a chance to understand the entire message. First of all, if your client-type wants to see your product or expertise in action prior to purchase video marketing can be a great tool for you. In this scenario your videos are able to answer any questions while providing peace of mind for your clients before they make a commitment. Second, if your product or service has complex concepts or issues video marketing can help you make sense of it all. Some people are visual learners and by utilizing a video you are engaging a wider audience to truly understand your product or service. And last if your product or service generates numerous frequently asked questions video marketing can be a huge help. I encourage our clients to make a video for each and every frequently asked question that surrounds their product or service. By doing this you are not only creating fresh new content for your website but you are also providing assurance to your customers. Video technology only continues to get better and it will be used for many years to come. Make sure you find the best way to utilize it for your product or service.

If you have any questions or want to get started with your video marketing campaign give me a call or contact me via the Direct Business Marketing website. Make sure to also download our free marketing assessment to find easy solutions to your marketing needs. Thank you again for your time and I look forward to helping you in the future with your marketing needs.

Who Should Use Video Marketing In Their Marketing Strategy?

Who should use video marketing? Today we’re going to cover this very topic. We’re doing this because we’re doing a lot of questions surrounding this topic. Every day we have clients asking us if they should use video marketing for their marketing campaign as well as why and how they would use video marketing in their marketing strategies. We’re going to talk about specific client types that you have for your products and services. We’re going to share with you three reasons that can help you determine whether or not you should be using video marketing in your marketing campaign.

First of all, if your client-type searches for your product online, you should have a video for it. One of the easy ways to communicate information about your product or service, whether it’s on a mobile device or a desktop computer, is through video.

Secondly, if your client-type searches for answers to questions relevant to your product or service. If they’re information seeking before they want to talk with someone or make a purchase, then you should be using video marketing. Working with san antonio’s audio visual production company ensures that someone gives priority to completing your video with a high standard and low time waste.

Lastly, if your client-type makes buying decisions based on relationships they have you should be using video marketing. People buy from those that they know, like and trust, so if they get to know, like and trust you before your competitors, then you have the advantage. You can use video marketing to communicate and improve your likeability. Break down the barriers of non-trust through video marketing.

Again, if you have any further questions about using video marketing in your marketing campaign you can download our free marketing assessment at, explore our website further or contact us via phone or email. Thanks for coming and I look forward to seeing you next week, same place and time, for our Get Direct Live marketing webinar.

Could Viral Video Marketing Be A Web Solution For Your Business? Check Our Marketing Evaluation To Find Out!

One of Direct Business Marketing’s most popular web solutions that they provide is viral video marketing. Viral video marketing is based on the concept that having multiple websites is better than having one website. Many of our customers, especially those that are real estate agents, take advantage of this particular type of web solution. Is your business type one that could take advantage of viral video marketing as a web solution for you? Well, to answer that question ask yourself if your potential customers are searching for information or answers or if they’re purchasing goods based on a relationship. If you answered yes, then viral video marketing may be a good web solution for you. If you’d like to find out more about viral video marketing you can always download our marketing evaluation from our website,

So, how does viral video marketing work? Basically, Direct Business Marketing creates multiple websites for your business and posts keyword rich content to it on a regular basis. It’s your responsibility as the business owner to create new videos on a regular basis that DBM can upload, or blast, out to your websites. When this is done, all of your websites essentially direct leads to your main website by creating unique content and backlinks to it.

As previously stated, viral video marketing is a web solution that many business owners take advantage up because it really increases their brand awareness, generates traffic to their main website and moves them up in search engine rankings. To find out more about viral video marketing as a web solution for your business, download our marketing evaluation or contact a marketing consultant with Direct Business Marketing today. They’ll fill you in on exactly how the process works and if your business’s niche would fit for this type of web solution.

Don’t Forget The Link!

Hello my name is Andrew Houglum with Direct Business Marketing and today we’re going to talk about a quick little tip that I don’t see some people doing when they upload marketing videos to YouTube, so I just want this to be a reminder. When you’re uploading your marketing videos to YouTube, this is something you should be doing on a regular basis, make sure in the description of your video you’re putting a link to your call to action. When you copy and paste your link to your call to action, make sure it has the http:// at the beginning; so, for example, instead of just putting you should put that way you can have a full URL. We’ve done many other video webinars talking about the power of YouTube, the power of video and search convergence.

Again, don’t forget to put a link to your call to action and when you put your links in don’t forget to put the http:// at the beginning of the link. Here’s my contact information, again my name is Andrew Houglum with Direct Business Marketing. You can reach me via email at [email protected] or give me a call at 602.571.5803. I would also like to remind you to join us every Wednesday at 10am PST for our Get Direct Webinars where we talk about different aspects of marketing and tips on how to make your marketing plan work better for your business. One last thing, to get your free marketing assessment document and questionnaire check out This is a quick and easy questionnaire that will help you determine what the best types of marketing are for your specific business. Again, thank you for joining me today and I look forward to seeing you next week at our Get Direct marketing webinar.

Marketing Truths: Using Video In Your Marketing Plan Can Mean Victory For Your Business

Welcome to another marketing truth video where today we’re going to talk about video and why it’s so important in your online marketing plan. To see all of our marketing truths, go to our website,, and check out the archive of our marketing truths.

There are a few reasons why you should implement using video into your business’ marketing plan. The first reason is simply because people love to watch video. How do we know this? Movies are viewed by billions of people every year and YouTube is one of the most viewed websites on the planet. People like to watch video about all kinds of things and typically people would prefer to watch a video of something rather than read a book. This isn’t the case for everyone as some people do enjoy reading books over watching a video but there’s so much more communication that happens through video as opposed to just reading text on a page. In this webinar, for example, you can see my body language, how I look and there’s much more communication that happens through my tonal and facial expressions.

Second of all, people buy from other people that they know, like and trust, specifically in service based industries. People buy from people because it’s a relationship world out there; video marketing helps to facilitate that relationship.

Third, video allows you to showcase your expertise, especially if in your industry there might be some complicated concepts that may need explanation or just talking about your industry in general. Video allows you to showcase that expertise, to talk about what you do and allows the potential client on the other end to see your passion about what you do.

A fourth reason for leveraging video in your marketing has more to do with a SEO reason, the video show in the search results. As part of the results in Yahoo or Google you see some video options for you to look at. This is known as search convergence, it’s all the search items coming together. Using video is an SEO technique and a way to move your content up in the search engines without actually moving your webpage up.

Again, if you’re not using video in your marketing, especially if you’re a service based business, you should definitely be implementing video into your business’ marketing plan. We also have a few things on our website that I would like to bring your attention. First we have our marketing assessment; it’s basically a document you can fill out to help you determine where you should be marketing and help you build a marketing shell for your business. You can find this at I’d also like to remind you that every Wednesday at 10am PST we do these marketing minutes where we talk about marketing items and get some good information out to you.

YouTube is Listening – Online Marketing with Video

Thanks for joining us with another Get Direct Online

Marketing webinars. Today we are talking about video

marketing with YouTube. We strongly suggest to all of our

clients that they use video. The more video you make, the

greater your results. And you can kill several birds with

one stone in your online marketing efforts while making


Youtube is actively transcribing your videos. When you

make a video be sure that you speak clearly at the

beginning of your video, using keywords. Use these

keywords as often and as naturally as possible.

Take advantage of those initial few words that are

transcribed by YouTube and, in turn, searched by Google.

Your online marketing process will benefit by making this

one little change.

Video Marketing Madness – Free Tools & Tips

Today I’m going to speak to you about a topic that Andrew discussed last week, where to find information on Video Marketing Madness. We continually answer questions about video marketing; how to do it, tools to use, and other video marketing tips.

Andrew made a video that is about 15 minutes long. You can check it out for more tips. Also, if you know Direct Business Marketing’s philosophy at all, you already understand that 90% of our clients use video marketing. It’s important for potential clients to see your face, especially for customer intimate industries like real estate.

You can watch this video at There are lots of tricks and tips that you can use right now.


Viral Video Marketing

Viral Video Marketing

People love video! Video marketing has been proven to be one of the best marketing mediums a business can utilize to generate an ROI from its investment. This is true for product-based businesses, service-based businesses, and information-based businesses collectively. So now the question becomes, “How can you use video marketing to leverage your product, service, or information to my target market, while at the same time, get found in the search engines?”

Our Viral Video Marketing service satisfies three critical components of online marketing:

  1. positioning you as the expert in the eyes of your customers
  2. positioning you as the expert in the eyes of the search engines
  3. creating fresh content for the search engine and the customer

We’ve bundled these three critical components together as one affordable monthly investment to save you money and increase your ROI!

The Viral Video Marketing system is highly flexible. You can now create your own package according to your monthly budget. Additionally, DBM also provides a “Best Practices” document to enhance the video marketing experience and creates small improvements to your marketing effort without an additional cost.

Finally DBM offers free product updates and invaluable free weekly marketing webinars, as well as access to our previous marketing webinars with suggestions on how to best use your marketing system.

75% of business executives watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week. ~Forbes

DBM’s VVM service now includes:

  • The video – which you, the client, make following our Video Best Practices document.
  • Search Engine Optimization – anywhere from 4 – 12 keywords which we aim towards your target audience.
  • Content Submission – where we create 1 – 5 keyword rich articles per week and post them to your website as fresh, new content.


  • Your videos are blasted out to your website and many others
  • Additional text content is added to your site weekly to keep the search engines satisfied between videos
  • Links into your website are created weekly to ensure your place in the search engines
  • Customizable packages based on your budget

Ready to get started? Call (888) 571-5803 or Chat with us at the bottom of this page now.