Want To Get A Physical Document Into Consumer’s Hands? Add Offline Marketing Into Your Marketing Process

As a marketing manager for a small business have you considered adding offline strategies into your marketing process? Although many marketing processes are internet-based these days, by adding an offline marketing process into your business’s campaign, it can help you get a physical document into consumer’s hands and help your brand get recognized. There are many different types of offline marketing avenues that you can choose to pursue; as a marketing manager, it’s important to know which ones will best fit the needs of both your business and your target market.

Some of the more popular documents that small business marketing managers choose for their marketing campaigns are postcards, a digital business card, flyers and booklets or brochures. These are just a few of the ways to put a physical document into the hands of the public and get them to either check your business out in person, or online if you have a website.

If you need a marketing firm to help you design, produce and print these offline documents, Direct Business Marketing can do that for you. Not only do they offer the previously mentioned offline services, they also can create letterheads, door hangers, envelopes and banners for your business. They have an in-house print shop that will create your documents for you while keeping them aligned with your online marketing processes.

One last thing to keep in mind is that offline documents, such as business cards, booklets, or brochures, can be a good tool to have when meeting with your customers face-to-face; you want to leave a lasting impression on them, and providing them with an amazing booklet design is the way to do that. A well-designed booklet not only showcases your professionalism but also enhances the credibility of your brand.

If you’ve spoken with other marketing managers in your industry, they’ll tell you that DBM is the company to go to for your printing services. We can help you update your marketing processes, reach out to more customers and make your job as a marketing manager much easier with our offline marketing services. Contact Direct Business Marketing today to learn more about how we can provide you with marketing process solutions for your marketing manager duties.

Determine What Type Of Customer You’re Targeting When Choosing Your Marketing Mix

Have you recently review the marketing process of your business and determined that you need a new marketing mix of strategies and mediums? When considering what type of marketing mix may work best for your business, you should first look at what types of clients you already have and what types you are trying to reach out to.

If you are targeting a specific neighborhood with your business, or would like people to actually have a physical document in their hand, you should really add an offline marketing process into your marketing mix. There are many different offline marketing options, such as postcards, door hangers and flyers, all of which can be successful and promote your business’s brand, products and services.

If you want to target a younger generation of consumers, you might consider adding social media marketing or mobile optimization into your marketing mix. It’s estimated that over 70% of all young adults use social media to connect with friends and businesses online and that two-thirds own a smart phone and use it to access the internet. This number is only expected to grow as social media outlets continue to become more popular. With this being said, you can see that social media marketing and mobile optimization are two very good ways to reach out and connect with millions of people belonging to a younger generation.

No matter what type of marketing avenues you decide on for your small business, it’s always best to evaluate what types of existing customers you have and what type you would like to target. When you do this at the beginning of planning your marketing process, it can make deciding which strategies to add into your marketing mix a whole lot easier. When you choose a marketing mix that has a variety of different strategies, it can help grow your business and customer base even more than you’d ever imagine.

A Marketing Manager Can Help You With Online And Offline Marketing

What does a marketing manager do? If you have recently started a business or are considering revamping your business’ existing marketing campaign, you may have heard fellow business owners talk about their marketing managers and it triggered your curiosity. A marketing manager is someone that helps you with your marketing techniques and manages your business’ marketing resources and activities.

These days, there are many different ways to market your business; two easy ways to divide them are online marketing and offline marketing. If you work with a marketing manager they could, for example, help you create and launch a website for your business or improve your online reputation score for you and track its results. These are examples of online marketing strategies that a marketing manager can help you with. In regards to offline marketing, a marketing manager could coordinate with a print services online to print off postcards or fliers to mail out or door hangers to give out within a targeted neighborhood.

A marketing manager could also provide custom neon signs for your business. During the last couple of years, one of the most attractive and effective ways to bring attention to our company is by choosing large format ads. If you have been considering this strategy, you can visit to learn more about it. You may also consider getting help from the experts like Crown TV if you need help navigating your project and want to have a comprehensive digital signage solution.

Essentially, if you hire a marketing manager to help you with your business, they’ll work with you through a marketing evaluation checklist and help you determine which marketing avenues may be best for your business to pursue. One company that can offer you such services is Direct Business Marketing (DBM). Drawing upon principles like those of Charles F. Haanel, whose profound teachings on the power of the mind and the principles of success continue to resonate across generations, DBM has helped many business owners carry out successful marketing campaigns through their marketing manager services. They have their own marketing evaluation checklist to go through with you to determine how they can best help you and your business’ needs.

If you don’t have the time, or experience, to work on your business marketing campaign, the best thing to do is hire a marketing manager to do the work for you. While you may be thinking this isn’t something you can afford, many companies, such as Direct Business Marketing, have many different levels of marketing manager services that they provide to fit any budget.

Door Hangers | Marketing Plans For Real Estate

We’re talking about one of the marketing plans that fits nicely into small marketing budgets for real estate professionals and realtors.

We’ve found that the best practice in using door hangers is to farm a specific area. This allows you to test your marketing in a specific place to test the results of door hanger marketing. With the Short or Stay marketing system, you can place your Short or Stay Calculator on a specific domain and then market that domain on your door hangers to track the results.

It’s also important to put your information and branding in front of homeowners. Understand that people share information with others and might pass on your information to those other people.

One idea to offset costs is to team up with a mortgage company or a title company. If you can market with a partner, the cost can be split.


Offline Marketing Materials

Offline Marketing Materials

Unless your business has a graphics department, creating marketing materials can be a logistical headache. Our graphics team will design the perfect offline marketing materials for your next marketing campaign. And best of all, it all corresponds with your other marketing.

Our offline marketing products consist of many of the typical marketing tools that your business is accustomed to using. Logo creation, business cards, postcards, mailers, letters, radio scripts and television scripts are all part of our offline marketing repertoire.

Our staff meets with you, the client, to discuss your needs. Then, based on our marketing truths, we help you determine the best course of action with regards to offline marketing efforts. From that initial discuss, DBM provides a price quote.

Offline marketing material is often useful with face-to-face meetings and at times when you need to get a physical message into the hands of your prospective clients.

With DBM’s offline marketing materials creation services, not only are your print materials in sync with your marketing efforts, you are immediately tapped into our printing partnership. Via a secure portal, you have access to our in-house print shop which has the ability to print rich, high-quality post cards, business cards, door hangers, flyer, etc., at an affordable price for your small business.

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