Free Online Marketing Ideas – Backlinking

Today we’d like to talk about another free online marketing idea, backlinking. We include backlinking with our free online marketing plan because you can do it very easily.

Backlinking is simply creating a link to your website from another website. When doing this, you should keep in mind that using keywords in the link and title will help your SEO or Google rank.

If you have other websites, use them. Blog websites, twitter sites, facebook, etc. can all work. Start linking those sites back to your call to action. One error commonly made is in using the phrase “click here”. That phrase has no SEO value. So consider linking an actual keyword phrase. When using a banner or image, use a keyword phrase in the link code.

Finally, the other important reason to use backlinking is to help out your users. There are people looking for your services on other pages. So, give them what they’re looking for.

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