Free Business Marketing | Emailing Past Clients

Talking about free marketing plans again, we’re discussing emailing past clients.

When we email past clients, there are certain things that you should always do. First, you should continually building your list so that you have a pool of clients that you can email at any given time. Secondly, we should stick to a schedule in emailing past clients. Also, it’s important to seperate your lists between past clients and leads.

When you’re sending emails out, keep them very plain so that the recipient can pay attention to what we are trying to convey. Also, keep in mind that subject of your email should be attention grabbing.

With the body copy, keep it at four to six sentences. Add a bullet point list to grab their attention and always include a hyperlink at the end of the email that will direct the recipient to a specific page. Don’t direct them to your home page. Send them to the specific page that you want them to find.

And lastly, configure the email to make it appear that it is a personal email from you. Avoid graphics and the look of a sales pitch.

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