Mobile Marketing And Advertising With DBM

Do you want to add another user-friendly aspect to your website and your marketing process by catering to those customers that use their mobile devices to access the internet? If this is something you may be interested in for your small business, a mobile marketing and advertising add-on to your website might be something to consider adding to your marketing process in the near future. If you’re looking for help with this, Direct Business Marketing is here for you.

At Direct Business Marketing, they provide a mobile marketing and advertising service that can be added on to your existing website, whether it was built by DBM or not. How does their mobile marketing and advertising service work? Essentially, they take your current website and create a new version that is optimized for mobile devices; it uses smaller images and menus while still getting the point of your website across to the consumer. There isn’t even a need for two separate websites. With Direct Business Marketing, they create one website with a special URL that will detect what type of device the user is searching the internet on; if they’re on a PC, they’ll be directed to your regular site and if they’re on a mobile device, they’ll be sent to your mobile marketing and advertising site.

A mobile marketing and advertising campaign can generate a lot of new business to your website simply because so many people are starting their searches for products and services on their mobile device. To learn more about how a mobile marketing and advertising campaign can help your business’s marketing process and what you need to do to get started, contact one of our experienced marketing professionals today at Direct Business Marketing or visit our website at for access to video archives and documents to help you determine if mobile marketing and advertising is right for you.

Has Your Marketing Manager Suggested A Mobile Add-On To Meet Your Marketing Objectives

Has your marketing manager noticed that other businesses in the same industry as yours have not only a regular website, but also one that is compatible with mobile devices? This is known as mobile optimization; when you use mobile optimization for your business’s regular website it can help you to meet some of the marketing objectives that you have outlined for your business such as widening your customer base and generating more traffics, leads and sales.

If mobile optimization is something that you’ve discussed with your marketing manager and you think that it will be a good marketing strategy for your business, Direct Business Marketing can help you get your mobile website up and running quickly to start attracting as many mobile users as possible. Your marketing manager may already have told you this, but it’s estimated that over half of all internet users start their search for a product or service on a mobile device. Direct Business Marketing’s mobile add-on service is one that can meet the needs and marketing objectives of your business; we don’t limit the number of products or images that you upload to your mobile website. We also create one URL for both your desktop and mobile websites that automatically detects which type of device the consumer is accessing the internet from; because of this, there’s no need for two different websites.

If a mobile add-on to your website is something that you’d like to consider, talk to your marketing manager further about the details and advantages to your marketing objectives. While your marketing manager is responsible for marketing the mobile website, Direct Business Marketing hosts it for you saving you a significant amount of money because you don’t have to host your own account. Letting Direct Business Marketing build your website’s mobile add-on is something that can offer your business many benefits and advantages; we highly suggest you discuss these benefits further with your marketing manager and get your mobile marketing campaign started.

DBM’s Mobile Web Solution Has A Few Perks To Offer Your Customers

Are you looking for a web solution that will cater to those customers that typically use their smart phone or tablet to access the internet? Maybe you’re interested in taking advantage of the growing number of people, especially the younger generation, that use a mobile device to search for local goods and services. If either one of these situations applies to you, Direct Business Marketing has a web solution that can help you with this: mobile optimization.

Did you know that over half of all local searches begin on a mobile device? If you’re one of the small business owners that wants to find a mobile web solution to add to your marketing process, you know what the current marketing trend is right now. DBM’s mobile web solution is an add-on to your existing website, whether it was built by us or not. We build a special code into your URL that automatically detects what type of device a consumer is using; they’re automatically directed to either your regular or mobile website depending on this. If you use DBM’s mobile web solution, your mobile website is essentially the same as your regular one; the images are smaller and the menus are altered, but the consumer gets the exact same experienced that they would if they were viewing your website on a PC. DBM’s mobile web solution has a few different perks with it as well. You have the ability to upload videos to your mobile website and users can either click to dial your number or generate driving directions from your site.

If you’re looking to add mobile optimization to your marketing process, give Direct Business Marketing a call. We can have your mobile web solution up and running in a matter of days so that you can take advantage of your mobile website as quickly as possible.