How to Market Events

Hello there, I’m Granison Shines here, the chief marketing officer at Direct Business Marketing. I would like to continue our conversation on event marketing. We are looking at the event marketing action plan. I think this whole document is important but when it comes to marketing events, the event sponsors or the JV partners are really going to help you market your event. If you own a business, most likely you know people who have other businesses and it’s important that when you have event sponsors, there is one big important factor. one, they have a list that they market to and the more in touch they are with that list, the better the response is going to be for your event. This will help you identify where your traffic is going to come from. Point number two, is you want that person that you know or that other business to have the same client type but they sell a different product or service from you. Don’t invite your competitor to send out information to their list because they probably aren’t going to want to do it.

Here you just want to document the name, the company, phone number, email and company logo. You want to address where they got their company logo and why because you want to start adding value to your event sponsors and JV partners. You want to start adding value by putting their logos on the websites and the marketing materials and event sign-up sheet. You want to give them time to speak at your event and to be there to network. You all can make money from this event if it is done right. It’s important to understand that the event sponsor and the JV partner are very critical for the success of your event. Again, I’m Granison Shines and you can reach me at 602-369-8119 or you can email me at [email protected].