Real Estate: IDX Buyer’s Website Add-On

What are home buyers looking for? Houses! So, why fight it – just give them what they want. Our IDX solutions are search engine friendly and geared to generate buyer leads.

DBM’s IDX product is an add-on product for realtors who are looking for buyer leads. Because buyers are searching for home details and pictures, our IDX product bridges the gap between what is being searched for and what a realtor has to offer. DBM builds an SEO friendly website that connects with your MLS and all of the properties in your MLS. DBM’s IDX product blasts every MLS listing out to the internet as its own webpage. We also create multiple web pages based on a combination of cities and zip codes provided by you, the realtor.

Because our IDX product creates massive amounts of content for searchers, search engines like Google can find your listings easier. We also provide a soft offer that connects you with buyers.

The site creates a large amount of searchable content for both search engines and for the users. User can create accounts so they can save searches and be emailed with new homes that match their criteria. We create landing pages so that users who search for cites in search engines can land on your site. We are providing a tool to give your clients (home buyers) what they want – to look at homes when they choose.
Additionally, Direct Business Marketing offers free product updates and invaluable free weekly marketing webinars, as well as access to our previous marketing webinars with suggestions on how to best market your website.


  • Search Engine friendly design
  • City and Community specific landing pages
  • Property specific landing pages for single home marketing
  • Prospects can create and save their own searches