What Is The Difference Between White Hat And Black Hat SEO Techniques?

If you’re going through a marketing evaluation for your business and need help with ways to improve traffic to your website, you’ll want to look into Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Essentially, when you use SEO, you are putting a variety of tasks into play to move your website as far up the search result list as possible. There are two different categories of SEOs, on-page and off-page, which utilize different things to make your website more popular, but one thing that many business owners may be unaware of when going through their marketing evaluation is that there are two different techniques to use when it comes to SEO.

The first of these techniques is known as white hat. If the SEO task that you’re using follows the guidelines of that particular search engine, it’s known as white hat. It doesn’t involve deception, meaning that the content that a search engine uses to pull up your website is the same information that the prospect will see when they visit your website.

The other technique involving SEOs is known as black hat SEO. This method can be frowned upon by some search engines and can get your website blocked or banned because you’re not following their guidelines. Black hat SEO involves deception, such as text that is hidden or using a technique known as cloaking. If your website uses black hat SEO, as previously mentioned, it is possible to get banned from that search engine. If you don’t get banned, the ranking of your website could be reduced.

The bottom line is to put SEO practices into place that aren’t going to hurt you in the long run. Make your website accessible to the customer; this in turn will optimize your white hat SEO techniques and drive more traffic to your website.

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