Two Different Models Of PPC; Which One Is Best For Your Business?

If you’re considering using these PPC campaigns in your marketing process, or you want to learn how to PPC, before you get started you should know that there are two different models available for you to use. When considering which type of model to use, it’s important to think about what types of customers you want driven to your site and what the advantages of having them come to your site are.

The first type of PPC model you could potentially use in your marketing process is a flat rate model. With the flat rate model, you work with the website that will host your advertisement to determine a fixed amount that you’ll pay them each time your ad is clicked on. The other type of PPC model is bid-based and can be a little more complicated. If you choose to do a bid-bad PPC campaign in your marketing process, you essentially are competing against other companies for an advertising spot on the hosting website. With a bid-based PPC campaign, it plays out somewhat like an auction. You let the hosting website know how much you’re willing to pay for each advertising spot and when a consumer types in a keyword or phrase, it triggers the competition for that spot. With bid-based PPC, you again pay the hosting website each time your ad is clicked on; instead of being a predetermined amount, however, you pay the hosting website the amount you were willing to pay before the ‘auction’. Get to know how much a server cost to host your website.

When you use a PPC campaign in your marketing process, you will generally see results within the first week or two. If you’re willing to pay a small amount of money to get your ad placed within a search engine’s results list, than a PPC campaign can be very lucrative for your business. If you’d like more information on how to PPC, or how to effectively implement it into your marketing process, contact a marketing professional at Direct Business Marketing today.

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