Marketing Process & Workflow Solution

Point blank, you have to have a workable system to manage leads, clients, opportunities, projects, digital content, and sales.  For this reason, DBM’s Marketing Process & Workflow Solution focuses on systematizing an organization’s internal marketing operations and managing it within technological systems.

The goal of this service is to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing by increasing operational efficiency, decreasing costs and waste, and standardizing your internal marketing processes, all designed to increase your Marketing ROI.

We successfully do this by instilling our proven marketing processes which include:


Our Marketing Campaign Development Process

Generate, Capture, Store, Nurture


Our 4D Marketing Workflow

Decide, Design, Do, Document

We can lay our processes and workflows onto industry standard “Off-the-Shelf” systems. Our deployment process allows for ease of use and quick deployment cycles.

Now the question becomes, “Are all of your systems effectively integrated to provide a rock-solid marketing workflow?”  If you can’t emphatically say “YES!”, then DBM’s Marketing Process & Workflow Solution is for you.

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68% of B2B organizations have not identified their funnel. ~MarketingSherpa


  • Better marketing campaign management
  • Increased operational efficiency within your organization
  • Systematized marketing workflow and processes
  • Improved marketing efficiency and effectiveness
  • Off-the-Shelf systems keeps costs low, eases integration, and quick deployment
  • Digital asset management


How long does the implementation of Marketing Process & Workflow Solution take?

A DBM Marketing Consultant can answer to that question much better once you have an initial conversation.

Why do you feel it is important to have these marketing systems within our business?

We feel it is important because you can leverage the automation of your marketing processes. Plus, it is imperative to have systems that can managed your digital content, projects, leads, and clients, while at the same time, improving both operational efficiency and effectiveness.

If we’re familiar with another technological systems?

We have a vast range of knowledge when it comes to technical systems. During the Marketing Audit, we find out which systems you are currently using and then perform an analysis on whether or not that system will work for what we want to do in terms of marketing automation.

What if I have existing CRM, email or project management accounts, do I have to change everything?

We understand that your technological infrastructure may consist of several systems.  You may already have:

  • A Project Management (PM) System
  • A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System
  • An e-Mail Storage & Delivery System
  • A Marketing Campaign Management System
  • A Digital Asset Management (DAM) system

Our processes and workflows will lay seamlessly on top of your existing infrastructure. I most cases you won’t have to change anything.