Posting Unsocial Content On Facebook

Today on Direct Business Marketing’s webinar we’re going to talk about something we get asked rather frequently on Facebook, “How can I improve my Facebook presence? How can I attract and connect with more people on Facebook?”

One of the keys to doing that is your content and what you’re producing. One mistake that we see frequently is creating crappy content on Facebook. First you have to understand how Facebook works in order to be successful on Facebook. First, there’s you, then your friends, and then friends of your friends. The goal is to get content out to friends of your friends. You need to create content that will get ‘liked’ or ‘commented on’ by your friends so that it’ll get promoted to the next level and their friends will see it. The important thing to remember when you’re generating content, or doing anything on Facebook for that matter, it needs to be important enough to get a like or a comment on it. Here are some tips on how to avoid crappy content on Facebook.

Post content regularly, but not at the same time each day. If you know how Facebook works, there’s a News Feed that most people see when they log in that shows updates from their friends within the past few hours. If you produce content at the same time every day you’re only going to capture people that look at their News Feed at that time each day. Write content that has a personality; be yourself instead of just disseminating information out. Write content that will illicit a response from your friends. Whether this is specifically asking people to answer a question, taking a poll or writing content that will get people to respond to it. Write content that is social. People go on Facebook to be social and connect with others. One of the major reasons Facebook is successful is because it’s our nature to be a social species. If you continue to post things that aren’t social you’re going to turn people away. Look at it this way: if Facebook is a dinner party, you wouldn’t walk up to the people that are your friends and give them a sales pitch. You chit chat with them and ask them how they’re doing first.

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