Our Short Or Stay Program Can Generate Leads And Help You Market Your Real Estate Expertise

If you’re looking for a new way to market real estate and generate leads for short sales, Direct Business Marketing has a new product, the Short or Stay marketing system available for realtors. This system is comprised of three main parts to make marketing your real estate even easier. First, it has a customized and personalized website for the realtor. Next there’s the Short or Stay calculator that allows homeowners to enter in their property and loan information, have a look at the these fast ways to get a loan. In return, they’ll receive a free report that outlines for them when their home will break even as well as provide them with an estimated property value. When the customer uses the Short or Stay calculator, the email they receive is also sent to you, the realtor, to give you the opportunity to follow up with them. Third, you’ll also be provided with marketing materials to get more traffic to your customized website.

By using the Short or Stay tool, it provides you with a great way to capture more leads and market your real estate expertise. On your customized website you can showcase your experience and knowledge of being a real estate agent. Many real estate agents that are using this Short or Stay system have had great success with it and other realtors have reached out to them regarding how to successfully market real estate.

If you take advantage of this tool, you won’t regret it. The Short or Stay marketing system pays for itself after you close just one sale; when it think about it like this, you can’t afford not to use it to market real estate. The Short or Stay system comes with all of the marketing materials already created for you, so half of the work is already done. Remember, you are the expert when it comes to how to market real estate and your SoS website will show you as such. For more information on this amazing product or to learn other ways to market your real estate, check out the marketing evaluation tool at https://directbusinessmarketing.com/ma.

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