Real Estate Marketing With A $1500 Monthly Budget

We’re continuing our marketing action plan series discussing your marketing strategies if you have a $1500 budget. If you haven’t checked out the zero dollar budget and $500 budget from earlier webinars, please check those out today.

First of all, if you have already used some of the previous items, you should implement your pay-per-click campaign or expand the campaign that you already have. You can do this by expanding to other networks like Bing and Yahoo. At this level, if you aren’t using PPC, you are missing out on leads.

Another marketing plan to consider with this budget in mind is an old school tactic that works well. Farm an area with printed material. Find an area that you know well or has the right price point and send out a strategic marketing campaign with a letter, postcard and door hanger.

You can also expand your SEO reach with backlinking and boost your organic search results. And the final thing that you can do with this type of monthly budget is expand your video bloggin efforts. We have a product called TNT that can help you with your online marketing campaigns.