How to Market Events – Part 4

Hello, this is Granison Shines, Chief Marketing Officer here at Direct Business Marketing. We are a marketing firm for many different types of clients and many different types of industries. We are looking at our document called the event marketing action plan. This is a plan that will allow you to develop everything you need with all the resources in one area. The event marketing action plan should be a campaign. So now we are looking at the generate and capture section here we have some marketing items that need to be developed. So on this document you’ll see that the standard items are in grey. Those are the ones that should be constructed for every event. Making sure you have that information handy all the time will help you create the event marketing pieces that you are going to need.

One thing you want to do is create a video. We have found out the landing pages that have a video with it do a lot better when it comes to sign ups. You want to have some outbound emails to market to your database and you also want to be able to cut and paste them and give them right to your event sponsors. You want to automatically step up your post-event email drip campaign. The EventBrite page with the custom link but basically with each landing page that you make can have its own link. You want to have the registration response email saying thank you for signing up for the event and offer them their free download. The social media marketing such as face book because you should have friends, you should have a business page to your face book. You want to make sure you change your cover page every time you do an event. Then you want to outline your social media posts and that could be face book or twitter. Then you also want to have a flyer. These are the basics that you should have for every event. From here we can get into other marketing items. These can be anything like another series of videos, pay per click campaign. You can do anything you want to.

When we talk about marketing avenues this is with whom and where the marketing items will be deployed. Say for instance you developed a flyer. That flyer should go to your sponsor, your JV partner, on your social media, your own database, and the venue where the event is going to be. This is a good way to track where they are coming from. We will show you how to cut and paste emails that will be able to be sent to the JV partners, the sponsors and everyone else. This is Granison Shines, the Chief Marketing Officer at Direct Business Marketing. You can contact me at 602-369- 8119 or you can email me at Gran[email protected] Thank you very much.

Using Facebook As A Social Media Marketing Avenue Can Increase Your Customer Base Tremendously

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites in the world and that’s why many small business owners choose to create a Facebook page for their business and partake in social media marketing. If your business currently isn’t taking advantage of the many benefits of social media marketing to meet your business’s marketing objectives, it’s something that you should really look into. By having a Facebook account you can interact with your customers on a daily basis and interact with them on a more personal level. This creates a better sense of trust between the business owner and customer and strengthens the relationship and their loyalty to your business.

There are so many other advantages to having a social media marketing campaign for your business besides strengthening existing customer relationships. Having a social media marketing campaign also provides you with the opportunity to grow your customer base, generate more leads for your business and followers of your Facebook page. It’s a great way to increase your revenue and all you have to do is regularly update your Facebook page. When you do update your Facebook page, it’s important to use content that is relevant and will grab the attention of your Facebook friends. The ultimate goal is to have your friends like your posts or comment on them; their friends will see this action and, if your posts are intriguing enough, they could potentially start following your page as well.

It’s reported that businesses that use social media marketing increase their number of Facebook friends by about 9% a month and twice as much annually. Can you imagine the number of leads that this could be for your business? If you are not satisfied with how your current marketing strategies are meeting your business’s marketing objectives consider launching a social media marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing Services With Direct Business Marketing

If you are considering a social media marketing campaign to help your business meet some of its marketing objectives, we would like to tell you about the social media marketing services that Direct Business Marketing has to offer you. Working with Direct Business Marketing on your social media marketing campaign is effortless; they take care of everything for you.

Direct Business Marketing will help you set up and integrate your social media accounts if you don’t already have them. We set up your page to cater to your customer’s wants and needs. You can help us make your social media marketing campaign successful by sending us a database with your existing customer’s email addresses. We’ll send an email out to your existing customers requesting that they like your Facebook page to help you get started. You’ll also need to provide us with any logos, sales or specials that we can add into our strategy for you. After that, your work is done. Direct Business Marketing will handle the rest of your social media marketing process.

Some small business owners feel as if our social media marketing packages are too expensive for their business, but there are a few key things to remember if you feel this way as well. First off, Direct Business Marketing handles everything for you. You don’t have to worry about constantly updating your social media site because we are the ones updating it. Also, having a social media marketing campaign can do many things for your business. Not only can it drastically increase your customer base, streamline your payment process and promote product awareness, it will ultimately generate new sources of revenue for your business. When you look at it this way, you can’t not afford to have a social media marketing campaign for your business.

Want To Improve Your Online Presence? Social Media Marketing Is The Way To Go

If you’re looking to increase your brand awareness, build your customer list and grow your network, a social media marketing campaign can do all of these things for you. It’s highly likely that these previously mentioned items are on your business’s list of marketing objectives and the good news for you is that there’s one simple and easy way to meet all of these marketing objectives: social media marketing.

Social media marketing uses three of the most popular social media sites in the world, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, to reach out to your customers and potential customers to promote your product and services. Social media marketing provides you with the opportunity to interact with your customers on a daily basis and create a more personal relationship with them. Also when you post exciting, relevant content on your social media site it will cause your current followers to like or comment on your content. In turn, their friends will see this and may start following your page. Thus, you’ve just gained another potential lead. The success of your social media marketing campaign can also be measured by things such as this. How often your brand is mentioned and how many comments you receive on your content all add into the success of your social media site.

When you use social media marketing for your business, your online presence is immediately improved. It you want to be successful with your business, it’s best to have an effective social media marketing campaign. Every day more and more consumers are turning to social media to find products, goods and services, so if you still have yet to take part in social media marketing, it’s something that you should really look into today. It’s good way to meet many of the marketing objectives that your business has laid out to be successful; look into social media marketing today to help improve the success of your business.

DBM’S Social Media Marketing Services Can Help You Meet Many Of Your Marketing Objectives

Is one of your marketing objectives to find a fresh new marketing medium to use for your business? If so, you should look into a social media marketing campaign. Social media marketing is when you use one (or two, or three) of the most popular social mediums, Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and create a page specific for your business. Social media marketing can be especially effective for small businesses and help them meet many of their marketing objectives, such as promoting brand awareness and an increase in leads and sales.

Direct Business Marketing (DBM) has a social media marketing package that is tailored to every small business’s leads. When you choose a social media marketing campaign with DBM you can choose which social media sites you want to market your business on and DBM will help you set up and create your business’s profile on those sites. With each of the packages that we provide, we offer work with you to plan upcoming social media campaigns, rotate your Facebook cover photo (of you choose to use Facebook), post relevant content to your business page as well as provide you with a monthly report showing you just how successful your social media marketing campaign is.

When you choose a social media marketing campaign with DBM, they essentially manage your social media page(s) for you. With an ever increasing number of social media users not only in the United States, but throughout the world, your business can’t afford not to have a social media page. If you’d like to meet many of your marketing objectives all with one type of marketing campaign, look into Direct Business Marketing’s social media marketing services. It’s estimated that Americans spend twice as much time online socializing than they do eating, so take advantage of this popular trend and launch your social media marketing campaign with DBM today.

If You’re Starting A New Business, A Successful Marketing Campaign Is Key

Are you starting a new business and are wondering just how in the world you’re going to pull off a successful marketing campaign? If you’re in a situation such as this, Direct Business Marketing (DBM) is here to help you. DBM is a premiere marketing firm that specializes in all different types of marketing strategies all with one goal in mind: a successful marketing campaign for their client. DBM works together with the customer to determine which marketing avenues will ensure the best results for that business’s marketing campaign.

Direct Business Marketing has developed a marketing evaluation tool, which can be found on their website, to help you determine which types of marketing avenues you should pursue for your business. Some of their services include website creation, eCommerce, social media marketing and search engine optimization, just to name a few. If you contact DBM, they’ll go over their marketing evaluation with you and provide you with suggestions and ideas on how to run a marketing campaign that will generate the leads and sales that you are hoping for with your business.

There are many different techniques out there today that businesses use to promote brand awareness and Direct Business Marketing knows all of them. If you have thought at all about how important your marketing campaign is to the success of your business, you should check out the marketing evaluation on DBM’s website and give them a call today. They have the proven success of many marketing campaigns behind them to guide you through the steps of launching your own successful marketing campaign. Starting a new business and getting the word out about it can be a daunting and scary task, but it’s important to know that you’re not alone in this endeavor. Contact Direct Business Marketing today; the success of your business depends on it.

Small Business Have Much To Gain From Social Media Marketing

Do you already have a Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account that you use for your business, but it’s just not getting the traffic and results you were hoping for? If so, you may not be using it the right way. It’s shown that when a business successfully uses social media marketing, the number of customers and sales can improve greatly for them. So, what’s the “right” way to use social media marketing for your business? Really, it’s simple if you keep a few different things in mind.

First, customers want content that’s always current and relevant. If you post content that no one is really interested in, it’s not going to get the attention that your social media site needs to be successful. On Facebook, for example, if you update your status on a regular basis with content that is going to grab your friends’ attention, the chances of them liking it or commenting on it are great. In turn, their friends with see this, may come check out your page and start following your business as well. Social media marketing is a very simple way to gain a lot of followers if you do it the right way.

If you’re unsure of what types of content are going to get your friends’ attention, you can always look to Direct Business Marketing (DBM) to help you with that. DBM provides a social media marketing package that includes updating your content for you, as well as providing you with custom graphics to really get your product out there among consumers. Small and medium sized businesses have a lot to gain from using social media marketing, so if your social media page needs a little bit of help, check out Direct Business Marketing’s website and their marketing evaluation for more information. The marketing evaluation found on their website can help guide you in the right direction with regards to your social media marketing campaign. Don’t hesitate any longer, contact Direct Business Marketing today to revamp your social media marketing campaign; your business depends on it.

Want To Outsource All Of Your Marketing Manager Services? Try DBM’s CMO Service Package

We’ve recently been talking about the different marketing manager services, such as social media or SEO, that Direct Business Marketing has to offer small business owners, but we have yet to mention one of the most comprehensive marketing manager services that we offer, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Services. Direct Business Marketing’s CMO services is the all-encompassing package that many business owners choose when they want to outsource all of their marketing efforts. Essentially, when you choose DBM’s CMO services, they become your all-inclusive marketing firm and are the marketing manager for all of your campaigns; it’s just like have a Chief Marketing officer at your business.

How does this work, then? Our marketing managers take care of your business’s marketing campaign on a daily basis to generate leads and create sales of your products. This can be done both online and offline, once you’ve determined from our marketing evaluation checklist which avenues of marketing are most successful to your company. Our marketing manager can help walk you through this process as well and provide you further information about our marketing evaluation and suggest different marketing strategies for your business type. When all is said and done, you and your marketing manager will have created and developed a marketing strategy and campaign that is individualized to your business and customer type.

For a low monthly rate, Direct Business Marketing can create and manage all of your business’s marketing efforts so you have one less thing to worry about on a daily basis. By using DBM’s CMO services and letting them be the marketing manager for your business, it affords you the time to really focus on your customers and their needs as well as building a strong relationship with them.

If you’d like to learn more about Direct Business Marketing’s CMO services, how they can help your business by being your marketing manager or to download their marketing evaluation, visit their website at

Direct Business Marketing Can Offer You White Hat SEO Marketing Manager Services

Do you need marketing manager services for your SEO add-on? If so, Direct Business Marketing is here to help you with that. Direct Business Marketing’s SEO marketing manager services consist of create two different types of SEO items: on-page and off-page. With our on-page items, our marketing manager will add keywords, title tags, meta tags and content to make your website relevant and move it to the top of a search engine’s results list. Our off-page marketing manager services offer a large number of back links via press releases, blogs and social media sites.

One important thing to keep in mind with our SEO marketing manager services is that we use only white hat techniques to promote your website. This means that we are adhering to all guidelines set by a search engine. Other companies may use black hat techniques, which can get your website banned or blocked from certain search engines.

If you choose to work with Direct Business Marketing and our SEO marketing manager services, you can expect your website’s search results ranking to increase within a matter of weeks. If you’d like to see if our SEO marketing manager services are something that you might be interested in, look through our marketing evaluation checklist on Our marketing evaluation will ask you a few simple questions that can help you decide if SEO marketing manager services are a good marketing strategy for your business to undertake. If so, we’ll work together to create keywords that you feel are important to the marketing of your product. Our marketing manager services are some of the best in the business, so please contact us today with any questions regarding them or our marketing evaluation. We have the same goals in mind for your business that you do, so please allow us to help you increase and generate leads, traffic and sales for your business.

Do You Need A Marketing Manager For Your Social Media Page?

Do you need some fresh new marketing avenues for your small business but you’re unsure what other routes there are to pursue? If so, we’d like to encourage you to check out the marketing evaluation checklist at This marketing evaluation checklist can help you determine which types of marketing could be successful for your business as well as provide you with new ideas on marketing strategies. If you contact a marketing consultant at DBM, they can help you with the process as well as offer their marketing manager services to you.

There are many different types of marketing manager services that Direct Business Marketing has to offer their clients and currently one of the more popular ones is managing a customer’s social media marketing campaign. It’s been said that Americans spend twice as much time socializing on the internet then they do eating. From this, then, one can assume that a social media marketing campaign might be the obvious way to go to get your brand out there and reach new and existing customers on a daily basis. What if you’re not familiar with social media, though? This is where Direct Business Marketing comes in to save to the day! DBM can provide you with marketing manager services for your social media account. They’ll set it up for you, provide you with strategies to help you build your social community and provide you with custom graphics for your social media site. With our social media marketing manager services, Direct Business Marketing will also post relevant content on a daily basis to generate more traffic to your page.

If you’ve consider a social media account for your small business in the past but were hesitant start one because you weren’t 100% comfortable, let DBM help you generate more traffic and more leads for your business by creating a social media page for you and taking care of the marketing manager responsibilities.

eCommerce Marketing Tips To Make Your Campaign Successful

Have you gone through Direct Business Marketing’s online marketing evaluation and answered ‘Yes’ to the questions that have helped you determine eCommerce marketing is a marketing strategy you might want to consider for your business? Hopefully, DBM’s online marketing evaluation has helped give you some ideas, tips and tricks to help get the ball rolling and make your eCommerce marketing campaign more successful, however, here are a few more to assist you.

One leading consumer website suggests a social media marketing strategy hand-in-hand with an eCommerce marketing strategy. By doing this, it makes it easier for your consumers to purchase your products if you create a social media store and it also allows you to indirectly sell items by featuring a best selling or new product or service to draw your social media follower’s attention to it.

Secondly, monitor what your competitors are doing in the eCommerce marketing campaigns. How are they promoting their products and services? If they participate in social media marketing, how many followers do they have and what are they publishing on their social media pages?

Third, go where your customers are. If you already have a group of loyal customers for your business, ask them what they’d like to see from your eCommerce marketing website, what you can do to improve it and make it more user-friendly and appealing to the consumer. If a customer is truly loyal to your business, they’ll give you good honest feedback that can only help improve your eCommerce marketing campaign. It never hurts to see things from the other side of the fence.

In general, if you’re looking to follow a growing trend with your marketing evaluation, eCommerce marketing is the way to go. Statistics from the past few years have showed online sales for all types of products and services have increased dramatically. Consumers want to do what’s most convenient for them, so cater to your customer and put an eCommerce marketing add-on on your website today.

There Are Many Different Web Solutions Available For You To Take Advantage Of

Direct Business Marketing offers many different web solutions for your business if you’re currently revamping your company’s marketing campaign. When doing a marketing evaluation and wanting to try a new marketing avenue, such as online marketing, there are many web solutions to successfully launch this type of effort.

The first type of web solution that DBM offers is the creation and development of professional, customized websites. Our websites are proven to generate leads, expand your customer base and increase sales for your business. Direct Business Marketing can create several different websites for you that appeal to all different types of clientele and generate, capture and store these leads while nurturing your already existing customer relationships.

One way that DBM draws traffic to your website and offers you another web solution is by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). DBM uses white hat techniques to ensure that your website is at the top of the search results when a potential customer is searching Google, Yahoo or any other search engine for a product or service like yours. There are many different ways to utilize this web solution, such as backlinking to other webpages, title tags, keywords or meta tags.

One last web solution that can be utilized for your business is social media marketing. By using social media marketing, you are further able to expand your customer base, interact with your customers on a daily basis and get to know them on a personal level.

There are many different web solutions out there that DBM has to offer you when doing a marketing evaluation for your company. They can help you determine which ones are best for your company, give your online presence more value and help you take steps in the right direction to ensure the success of your online marketing campaign.