Generate Eyeball – Marketing Campaign Flow

I’m Granison Shines here the Chief Marketing Officer here at Direct Business Marketing. Today we are going to continue our conversation on Marketing Campaign Flow. Now we are going to dissect each one of these and talk about them individually. So, just to have a quick overview, we went through generate, capture, store, nurture which is our four step process of how we developed this marketing campaign flow. Today we are just going to talk about the generate section. Our rule of thumb is to pick five lead generating items. When I say five lead generating items, that can be a mix of marketing activities that you want to incorporate into the campaign. So services that we provide like SEO, pay per click, video marketing or blog, and designing print materials. I just listed four here to make sure you get the idea. These four activities will be your lead generating items. These are the items that you are going to put in front of your target market that will actually drive them to the next point we are going to talk about later on. Making sure that you have each of these outlined and making sure they sing the same message because your campaign wants to have a general message that each of these mediums are going to talk about our communicate to the target audience. So whatever client type you are going after, make sure that each one of these is tailored towards that client type and from there we are going to drive them to the next section which is capture. I’m Granison Shines and my number is 602-369-8119. You can email me directly at [email protected]. Remember to download our free marketing assessment at Thanks and have a great day.