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NEW IN THE INDUSTRY: Seller Leads widget on every page of your website!  Wow!

Keeping your competitive edge for seller lead generation has never been easier for new agents and tenured professionals.  We’re introducing an extremely affordable version of our hot selling product, the Home Profit Calculator or HPC – it’s called the HPC Widget.  No set-up costs, just one low monthly fee.

Now you can have your very own HPC, as a widget, for any and every page of your website; yes the embed version is still available as well, so you can embed the HPC into any of your websites as well.  Sweet huh?

You still have access to all the great features:

  • Friendly user-interface
  • Easy to use backend to manage leads, reports, colors, etc.
  • Ability to change standard video to your own
  • Port leads into your existing CRM via our API (one-time CRM set-up fee of $20 / CRM connection)
  • Customizable report options
  • Mobile friendly / responsive technology
  • Plus much more…

Take a look at in action here – Wells Realty Law (take a look at the orange widget at the bottom left).  The widget can also be customized with your colors and in a different location.

Click the following link to ‘HPC Widget Order Form’ (Right click and then click ‘Save as…”).  When you order, if desired, we will connect to your CRM at no charge until July 31st.  Send the order form back to me at [email protected].





Calculator Marketing Plan

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Average Leads from Actual Clients

Average Leads
Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 3-Month Total
All Clients (including those that didn’t market at all) 5.2 4.8 4.5 14.6
Clients who ran one specific marketing campaign 20.1 18.3 19.1 43.2
Clients who two specific marketing campaigns 22 19.9 21.2 56.4
Clients who actively market their calculator on an ongoing basis 27.8 26.5 25.4 79.7

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The Proof is in the Pudding

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Ok, the “Leads-to-Listings” research results are in!!! Every Real Estate Agent that regularly markets one or both of our calculator products – The Short or Stay Calculator and/or the Home Profit Calculator – is getting leads which turn into listings. And each of those agents has a VERY SPECIFIC and CONSISTENT marketing campaign. They trusted us to set them on the path to success and we did!! Now we want to share that success with you, and at the same time, make this so simple for you that getting leads will be a virtual certainty. [alert_box style=”success” close=”no”]The chart on this page is lead statistics gathered from actual, current calculator clients. The statistics show that when the calculator is actively marketed, the leads come in![/alert_box] [/span5] [/row]

How’d We Generate the Leads?

Looking at our most successful campaigns we’ve identified the top lead-generating marketing mediums. Every campaign includes the Home Profit Calculator and/or the Short Or Stay Calculator coupled with one or more of the following:
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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) the best and quickest method to generate leads into your calculator system. We recommend that every client start here. Why? Because it can be set-up quickly and a direct ROI can be measured. Plus, you have the added benefit of being on “page 1” of Google! More info on PPC.

DBM-icon-offline-marketingPrint Farming

Blanketing your geographic farm area with post cards and flyers monthly is a great way to bring in leads and to create solid brand awareness which assists in your word-of-mouth, referral business. Homeowners in your area will start to associate your brand with real estate without even thinking about it.


With the prices of both radio and online radio advertising coming down, this medium is a great way to generate leads. People listen on their drive or while at work, so for the most part – you have a captive audience. When using radio it’s critical that you select a “talk” station as opposed to a “music” station.

DBM-icon-search-engine-optimization-seoSEO Local / Metro

Being listed in over 100 online directories and having your website show up via organic search engine results helps homeowners find you. This medium isn’t as quick-hitting as the other, but it is important in a balanced long-term marketing plan. More info on SEO.

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At the end of the day, here’s what your marketing campaign should look like from a visual perspective.
Traditional Seller or Short Seller Flowchart 2014 Matrix
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What’s Next?

We’ve found that the only reason most agents don’t market their calculator system is because they don’t know how. So, we’ve put together a number of hands-off marketing packages to make it easy!

In a nutshell, we’ve created 14 packages that will turn leads into listings for your real estate business. Honestly, the only reason you wouldn’t get listings is if you had absolutely no follow-up skills  – other than that, this simply works!

PPC Print Farming SEO Monthly Investment
Basic * $675
Enhanced * $1,275
Basic * 1,000 pieces ** $1,420
Enhanced * 1,000 pieces ** $2,020
Basic * 2,500 pieces ** $2,120
Enhanced * 2,500 pieces ** $2,720
Basic * 1,000 pieces ** Local $1,620
Enhanced * 1,000 pieces ** Local $2,220
Basic * 2,500 pieces ** Local $2,320
Enhanced * 2,500 pieces ** Local $2,920
Basic * 1,000 pieces ** Local / Metro $1,920
Enhanced * 1,000 pieces ** Local / Metro $2,520
Basic * 2,500 pieces ** Local / Metro $2,620
Enhanced * 2,500 pieces ** Local / Metro $3,220

NOTE: Radio marketing can be added to any one of these packages, but would require a custom quote.

– These prices don’t include our CRM tool; which we recommend for anybody who doesn’t currently have one. Our CRM tool is $200 / month for unlimited users and unlimited contacts. Ask us for more info.

* – a portion of the monthly fee will be paid directly to Google for clicks. The monthly portion is $500 for Basic and $1,000 for Enhanced. This amount IS included in the monthly investment. That is, the monthly investment is an all inclusive price.

** – represents the number of post cards / print marketing materials, we will design, print, and send on your behalf. Printing and postage IS included in the monthly investment. That is, the monthly investment is an all inclusive price.



Tracking and Managing Leads

Once this campaign is in place and launched into your target market, it is imperative to track the result in order to manage the campaign in terms of leads and listings. And to get a perspective on when you should take the next step to increase the traction of the campaign. For this reason, we provide 24/7 access to your personalized dashboard.

This dashboard tracks highly important key metrics such as:

  1. # of leads
  2. Number of visitors
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Tracking codes for each medium
  5. PPC / SEM Ads
  6. Keywords
  7. And much more…

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