Muscle Up Your Marketing

With all of the recent attention being brought to professional athletes taking performance enhancing drugs, it occurred to us that “being on the juice” has taken on a negative connotation.  But what about your online marketing?  Did you know that you can muscle up your online marketing with a little “Google Juice.”

What does “Google Juice” mean?

“Google Juice” is a slang term that simply means your website is liked by Google and gets high placement for the specific key terms it was targeting.

With the Targeted Niche Traffic (TNT) Lead Generation system you can generate your own “Google Juice” by having a network of websites that are all designed to focus on one business niche.  We refer to this as the Starbucks effect, because like Starbucks, you’ll be found everywhere!

Two Key Ingredients to “Google Juice”

#1 = Relevance
Notice the last two words of the previous sentence “Aiming at.”  The two most common reasons why online marketing fails are either (1) you are targeting too many key terms or (2) you aren’t targeting any terms at any.  A search engine, like Google, is looking at how relevant your web page is to the searched phrase. Google and all of the other search engines out there are focusing on every aspect of the web page in order to give the searcher the most relevant information available. Some items to check for relevance are:

  • Domain Name – does your domain name have your target key terms in it?
  • Meta – does your site’s meta data (keywords, title, description) contain your key terms?
  • Content – does the text or copy on the web page contain your key terms?

#2 = Backlinks
Backlinks are simply links from other websites back to your website. So, you should consider what alliances you can form or what organizations you belong to that can link from their website to yours.  When you create these links, don’t just link your business name.  Create a link with purpose by having the link contain a key term – that simple trick will give you more “Google Juice.”

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