Marketing Truths: Are You Customer Conscious Of Your Company? Five Mindsets Of Potential Clients

Today we’re going to continue our topic on the marketing truths. This has a lot more to do with marketing efforts and the five major customer mindstays. It’s important to understand if customers are conscious of your company because it has everything to do with how you’re going to be advertising on your marketing materials.

If you have a client that comes to your business and they immediately have a thought process about the product and service and want to hear about it,this is the first mindstay; the customer is aware and they have a want. This is probably the easiest customer to sell to. They know they want this product, all they have to do is buy it.

The customer is aware, but not in want yet. Your prospect isn’t completely aware of all your product does, isn’t quite convinced of how well it does it or hasn’t yet been told how much better it does. They may want your product, but not just yet; maybe they’re doing some research. A bit more demonstration of the product or service has to be incorporated with a client in this mindset to make it right for them. This is why investing in customer service training is one of the best ways to increase customer retention and upscale customer satisfaction.

The third mindstay is when the customer isn’t aware but in want; this is when you introduce a new product. The prospect either knows or recognizes immediately that he wants what a particular product can do. This is where introducing a new product can be a little difficult, so it has everything to do with getting the information out to the public in the right way.

A customer not aware and not in want, but instead are in need. This really hones in on a product that we developed called the Short or Stay Calculator. We have this product for homeowners even though they may not want to be out of their house, they have a need that they have to solve; they have to do something with their home.

The fifth kind of customer is either not aware of his desire or his need, or he won’t honestly admit to himself without being led into it by your information. This is where the message has to be conveyed to the customer that they need this product. You have to really draw them into your advertising with your headlines or subject of your email. How do you get the attention of this person that’s not looking for this information but you feel they need? This is the most difficult to solve.

Where do your prospects fit? When you are writing your ad, it needs to match your prospect’s mindset. If they’re most aware then your ad will be very simple and you don’t have to talk much, but if they’re the most difficult, you need to demonstrate more, have more proof elements and say more. Essentially, you have to bring out all the stops so they know this is a product that they want.