Nurture Marketing Strategies for Marketing Success

This month, we are going to kick off our Nurture Marketing Series.

We’re going to answer specific questions about how and why you should institute nurture marketing within your organization.

In our marketing process – generate, capture, store, and nurture, we’re going to focus on just the “Nurture” portion of our process.

So, follow us on this 4-part series where Andrew Houglum – the CTO, Dustin Fickbohm – the COO, and me, Granison Shines – the CMO, talk about how Nurture Marketing can help grow your business.

Nurture Marketing involves reaching out to your prospects and clients on a regular basis, touching them via marketing mediums, feeding them the information they need about your business, educating them on various topics regarding your products or services, making them feel good about your business, and building a stronger relationship with them.

You can use any medium you’d like to share this information including, but not limited to: email, video, newsletters, postcards, etc.

In this first video, the boys and I discuss the following:

  1. What Nurture Marketing is…
  2. Steps to organizing your nurture marketing campaign…
  3. How often you should send information…
  4. Which mediums you could use…
  5. Which email format will give you the best results and why…
  6. Plus, more…

The good thing about what we’re talking about is, these are the same ideals we use in our own business.

We don’t believe in not practicing what we preach.  Even when we’re extending our consulting advice to our clients, we’re still singing the same song.

So, tune in on what we’re talking about in this video and let me know if you have any questions.

I can be reached directly at 602 369-8119 or feel free to email me at [email protected].

Here’s how you can tell if a nurture marketing strategy would benefit you and your organization.

Go to –  There you will find Direct Business Marketing’s Virtual Marketing Consultation.


Webinar on SEO – 4 Parts


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GETTING TO THE TOP OF GOOGLE w/ Dustin Fickbohm – Tips and tricks to getting your business to the Top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS)


If you’ve ever wanted your business to be at the top of the search engines like, Google, Bing, and Yahoo, but aren’t quite sure how to it’s done, you’ll want to attend this 4-part webinar series hosted by COO of DBM, Dustin Fickbohm.

During this GETTING TO THE TOP Webinar Series, Dustin Fickbohm will reveal how to get to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPS) using simple techniques you can start implementing today! This 4-part webinar series will cover the following:

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Watch Instantly

Part 1: Directory Submissions

  • The huge benefits of getting your business listed in a multitude of online directories
  • Crafty secrets to help you leapfrog your competitors in the SERPS
  • Proof why online directories should be part of your long-term organic SEO strategy
  • Plus much more…

Part 2: Organic SEO Techniques

  • How to climb the SEO ranks with consistent habits and constant attention
  • How to identify if YOU should be utilizing an Organic SEO Campaign for your business
  • What can YOU do to help your business climb the Search Engine rankings organically
  • What to ask SEO companies so you’re not taken on a financial ride and lose your shirt
  • Plus so much more…

Part 3: Pay-Per-Click

  • The specific questions you should ask yourself when determining whether a Pay Per Click campaign can work for you
  • A general overview of how Pay Per Click works
  • Setting up your campaign the right way
  • Sinful secrets that will have you converting a higher rate than your competitors
  • Plus more to help grow your business…

Part 4: Secret Bonus Technique

  • How this proven SEO Hack produces breakthrough results
  • Why this SEO Hack is little-known and not used by most businesses
  • How to get started with the hack right away!!
  • Plus much, much more…