Are You Interested In Saving Time And Money On Your Marketing Campaign? Utilize DBM’s Marketing Manager Services

If you are interested in outsourcing your marketing manager duties to an experienced marketing firm, we’d like to suggest you look into the Chief Marketing Officer services with Direct Business Marketing (DBM). Often times small business owners can be hesitant to outsource their marketing manager duties because they feel as if they can take care of it on their own. While this may be the case for some, there are a variety of different benefits to hiring a marketing manager to handle everything for you. But before hiring one, make sure that you give each candidate an ocean personality test to find the best person who fits into your corporate culture.

One benefit to letting Direct Business Marketing be your marketing manager, and one that is perhaps the most appealing to some, is that it saves you money; you may be thinking, “But I have to pay for their services, so how does that work?” While the cost of DBM’s marketing manager services are about the same as it would cost to hire an actual marketing manager for your business, using DBM’s services actually saves you money in that you don’t have to pay payroll taxes or benefits on that employee.

If inflation occurs, you don’t have to worry about your precious metals. If you’re about to add gold to your investment portfolio through legacy precious metals, it’ll not shift in value and you can turn to it during times of uncertainty.

Another benefit to utilizing Direct Business Marketing’s CMO services is that it offers you more time to focus on growing your business. Running a successful marketing campaign is something that is much more involved than many small business owners realize; it’s not something that you should just piece together and call it good. When you create your marketing objectives and try to build a marketing strategy for your business you’ve got to make sure that you have all of your bases covered to ensure the success of your campaign and your business, so why not let an experienced, professional team like Direct Business Marketing take care of that for you?

When you work with Direct Business Marketing and allow them to be the marketing manager for your business, they take your goals and marketing objectives into consideration to do what’s best for you and your business. If you’d like more information on just how much DBM’s Chief Marketing Officer services can help you save time and money, contact DBM today.

Not Every E-mail Needs To Be Business Related, Make Sure To Mix It Up

Hello everyone Granison Shines here Chief Marketing Officer with Direct Business Marketing thank you for your time today. If you are looking for great tips to improve your small business marketing strategy make sure to check my blog frequently as I update you with the tools to success. If you have questions about your specific marketing strategy feel free to contact me through our website or call me directly to discuss how Direct Business Marketing can help you.

In my blog today I wanted to issue a little reminder to small business owners who are utilizing the nurture e-mail campaign. While e-mail marketing is a critical part of a successful marketing strategy we don’t want to bombard clients, or potential clients, with constant business related e-mails. For this reason it is always a good idea to spinkle in the occasional non-business e-mail to keep things fresh. Whether it is a funny picture of cats or a great recipe for cookies the last thing we want to do is get your potential clients burned out on daily e-mails full of strictly business related offers. By mixing in a few fun e-mails now and then it will give your potential client a reason to look forward to your e-mail instead of just assuming it is more of the same. These fun e-mails could even be a great way to interact with a potential client and help you learn about their interests or hobbies. In using these fun e-mails and also video blogs you are also allowing your clients to get to know you as a person and not just someone who sends out e-mails. Gaining this comfort level and avoiding the perception of someone who is only focused on business may help you open up communication with your clients.

So don’t forget to mix things up when utilizing your nurture e-mail campaign in order to put a smile on your clients face and attract their attention. For more information make sure to download our free marketing assessment tool on the Direct Business Marketing website. I’m Granison Shines, thank you again for your time and have a great day.

Email Campaign Example

Hello, this is Granison Shines, Chief Marketing Officer at Direct Business Marketing. Today we are going to talk about email campaigning. Remember you should always be building your list; you should have a list of potential clients and/or clients stored in your CRM that has the auto responder connected to it so you can email. Now, the whole philosophy or the mindset is that you want to keep top of mind awareness so that you are always in front of them. Now, if you look at the email campaign, remember we have the four step campaign process such as generate, capture, store and nurture. This whole campaign is all about nurturing. We do have some generate items here we are going to talk about. There should be six emails with five of them non-business, and one of them business. We will talk about this a little more in another video series. The five emails that go out are non-business so they could be community related topics. Then you are going to hit them with an offer. So if you look all the way to the store portion here, this is where the email is going to come out of your auto responder and then pushing it out to your clients. What you want to do is make sure your clients to go to your website. You want them to see the information on your blog post. We will elaborate on this on a different series that we are going to do. We will talk about what type of email to send, plain text email or html email so you can track it. It looks like a plain text email with no graphics, leading them back to your website that has all the graphics and the video on it for your email campaign. This diagram is a very nurturing mindset for your email campaign so keep in mind this graphic information here. If you would like to contact me, you can reach me at 602-369-8119 or you can email me at [email protected]. Don’t forget to download our free Marketing Assessment. It will tell you how you could be marketing for your marketing campaign.

How to Market Events – Part 7

Hi, I’m Granison Shines the Chief Marketing Officer at Direct Business Marketing. Now that you have created the information that you will need to market the event, now it’s time to start driving traffic. We are still in the generate and capture phase. One of the things you should have is your own database. From there you also want to write the information out. You want to take the information that you have written out and you want that information to be delivered to your sponsor’s database and your JV partner’s database. You want their people on their list to come to your event. So we are going to kill two birds with one stone here because we should be using social media as we stated earlier. So in the email you will have the subject, the frequency which the first one is going to be the launch email introducing everything and it will probably have the most information in it. Next is the body copy and the social media post you should put online also. You will take a snippet of your body copy and post it on the social media post again driving them to the event page. That information should have the link in it where they can sign up for the event. Next you have to get people to go to your landing page to register. Emails are going to be very handy in your marketing process.

First you will have your launch email, then emails 2 – 4 will be reminder emails then your social media copy. You want to make sure and change it every time you go online and put a link to where the event page is so they can sign up. Then there is the final notice email. Now you have successfully created your email campaign and this information can and should be emailed to your sponsors and your JV partners so they can email something too. Remember to write it out for them and make it easy to copy and paste into their email. This is Granison Shines with Direct Business Marketing. You can reach me at 602-369-8119 or email me at [email protected]. Thanks and have a great day.

How to Market Events – Part 4

Hello, this is Granison Shines, Chief Marketing Officer here at Direct Business Marketing. We are a marketing firm for many different types of clients and many different types of industries. We are looking at our document called the event marketing action plan. This is a plan that will allow you to develop everything you need with all the resources in one area. The event marketing action plan should be a campaign. So now we are looking at the generate and capture section here we have some marketing items that need to be developed. So on this document you’ll see that the standard items are in grey. Those are the ones that should be constructed for every event. Making sure you have that information handy all the time will help you create the event marketing pieces that you are going to need.

One thing you want to do is create a video. We have found out the landing pages that have a video with it do a lot better when it comes to sign ups. You want to have some outbound emails to market to your database and you also want to be able to cut and paste them and give them right to your event sponsors. You want to automatically step up your post-event email drip campaign. The EventBrite page with the custom link but basically with each landing page that you make can have its own link. You want to have the registration response email saying thank you for signing up for the event and offer them their free download. The social media marketing such as face book because you should have friends, you should have a business page to your face book. You want to make sure you change your cover page every time you do an event. Then you want to outline your social media posts and that could be face book or twitter. Then you also want to have a flyer. These are the basics that you should have for every event. From here we can get into other marketing items. These can be anything like another series of videos, pay per click campaign. You can do anything you want to.

When we talk about marketing avenues this is with whom and where the marketing items will be deployed. Say for instance you developed a flyer. That flyer should go to your sponsor, your JV partner, on your social media, your own database, and the venue where the event is going to be. This is a good way to track where they are coming from. We will show you how to cut and paste emails that will be able to be sent to the JV partners, the sponsors and everyone else. This is Granison Shines, the Chief Marketing Officer at Direct Business Marketing. You can contact me at 602-369- 8119 or you can email me at [email protected]. Thank you very much.

Looking For A Few New Web Solutions? DBM Does It All

Are you looking to improve your online presence and freshen up your marketing campaign with a few different web solutions? If so, then you have come to the right place. Direct Business Marketing is the premiere marketing firm that can offer you many different web solutions to fit your business needs. Whether you have already have a marketing campaign in place that you’d just like to liven up or you’re starting from scratch, Direct Business Marketing can help you with whatever your marketing needs are.

To get a better idea of what types of web solutions we offer, as well as if they will fit your business needs, we’d like to encourage you to visit and download our free marketing evaluation. This marketing evaluation will show you the different web solutions that to offer and ask you a few simple questions about your business with regards to each service. Depending on how you answer the questions you can determine which web solutions are best for your business. Direct Business Marketing can offer you a web solution as simple as website design and creation all the way to Chief Marketing Officer services. We do it all here and we’d love to help you out.

If you have never had an online marketing campaign and are looking to start one, we can also provide you with different tips and suggestions as to how to make your campaign a success. Each week we hold a live webinar where we discuss current marketing trends, suggestions, ideas and reminders to business owners on how to operate a lucrative and successful marketing campaign. By taking advantage of our web solution services and tuning in to our weekly webinars you can ensure success for your business. Contact us today for more information regarding out web solutions, services and our marketing evaluation checklist.

What Services Are Provided If I Choose DBM As My Marketing Manager?

Here is a brief overview of the different services that Direct Business Marketing can offer you if you choose to purchase their Chief Marketing Officer services. Their CMO services are best fit for a business that is looking to outsource all of their marketing and hire a marketing manager to handle it all. Direct Business Marketing has a proven track record of success with every marketing campaign that they act as marketing manager for. They also have a marketing evaluation checklist to work with you on so you know which types of marketing strategies they have to offer. Before even beginning the CMO process, your marketing manager will go over this checklist with you and you can decide together which types of marketing you want to pursue for your business.

If you choose to use DBM’s CMO services, here is just a little bit of what they can do for you; these services are also found on their marketing evaluation checklist if you’d like more information on them. Some of the services that they provide are website design and creation, search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaign management and offline marketing materials creation.

These are just a few of the services that are included if you choose to hire Direct Business Marketing as your marketing manager and take advantage of their Chief Marketing Officer services.

Here is some of the fine print regarding our CMO services. There is a minimum six month agreement for these services and there is one simple monthly payment that the business owner has to make. Our CMO package is affordable and aligns with all of the other services we provide. If you’d like more information on how our marketing manager services can help your business out and free up time for you, the business owner, or would like to know more about our marketing evaluation checklist, give us a call at Direct Business Marketing today.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Marketing Manager And DBM’s CMO Services?

If you have ever considered outsourcing your business’s entire marketing campaign by hiring a marketing manager and you are questioning what the benefits of this may be, Direct Business Marketing is here to help you with that. First, you should know that Direct Business Marketing has created a marketing evaluation to go through for your business that can help you determine what types of marketing strategies you’d like to pursue. We also have a Chief Marketing Officer servicing package to offer you if you’re interested in hiring a marketing manager and outsourcing your company’s entire marketing campaign. There are many benefits to hiring a marketing manager and if you choose DBM’s CMO services, this is only a sampling of what they can provide you with.

First of all, if you choose DBM to be your marketing manager, it will provide you with the creative resources of our entire marketing team. Basically, it’s like you have an entire marketing firm behind your marketing campaign. Projects will get completed faster because when you have a marketing manager with DBM marketing their focus is on your marketing campaign. Often times small business owners find it hard to find the time to run a successful marketing campaign on their own. That’s where DBM’s CMO services can help. Another benefit to our marketing manager services it’s not on your immediate payroll. This saves you money on payroll, taxes and benefits. If you need a payroll hire expert from Singapore Payroll Service – CFO Accounts & Services to assist you in doing this properly.

The bottom line is this: Direct Business Marketing has successful proven processes that they can apply to your marketing campaign to create the leads and customer base that you want for your business. If DBM’s CMO services are something that you’re interested in, check out our website today. We’d also like to encourage you to download our marketing evaluation checklist from our website to learn more about the different marketing strategies that we can put into play for your business.

Nurture the Relationship – Marketing Campaign Flow

Hi, this is Granison Shines again, the Chief Marketing Officer at Direct Business Marketing. Today we are going to talk about the last portion of our four step process. To recap we have five leads or items and generate the eyeballs for the client type or market type you are going after then push them to some sort of capture source which could be a website, phone call or chat. Then you have to store that data somewhere so that you keep accurate data on how we can nurture. Nurture is one of my favorite parts here because there are so many nuances that can go on. First of all we want to make sure that this process is automated as much as we can so having some sort of auto responder will be very sufficient within your business and tying them to a drip campaign so that you can automatically, based on the number of days you schedule out that you want them to receive emails. Now one of the most important pieces about this is to make sure you immediately start doing that. there are a lot of times when we engage with a client and they haven’t nurtured their database in a long time, then we turn on an email campaign and they have all these unsubscribes. That happens because they haven’t nurtured the relationship at all. So you want to make sure you continue to nurture the relationship at least by automating the process for auto responders. Learn more about robotic process automation here.

Now, when we talk about nurture there are two different types of nurturing that we can do. One is sales information, but even more important and something you want to do even more frequently is non-sales information. Give them good, useful information that they can use in their business or day to day lives. This is important to nurture the relationship. Nurturing items can be phone calls, you can also do other print depending on the information you captured such as physical addresses. From my own experience, I’ve seen the pivotal role WhatsApp Business can play in expanding customer outreach. It offers a convenient platform for customers to interact with businesses, ask questions, and receive quick replies. Furthermore, you can find an in-depth guide on how to utilize WhatsApp Business for your company on YourBusinessNumber. Their resource was instrumental in helping me integrate WhatsApp Business into my business model. For every sales piece you put out there, put about 7 to 10 non-sales pieces out there. Again, I’m Granison Shines with Direct Business Marketing. You can reach me at 602-369-8119 or you can email me directly at [email protected]. Don’t forget to download our free marketing assessment at Thanks and I’ll talk to you later.

Generate Eyeball – Marketing Campaign Flow

I’m Granison Shines here the Chief Marketing Officer here at Direct Business Marketing. Today we are going to continue our conversation on Marketing Campaign Flow. Now we are going to dissect each one of these and talk about them individually. So, just to have a quick overview, we went through generate, capture, store, nurture which is our four step process of how we developed this marketing campaign flow. Today we are just going to talk about the generate section. Our rule of thumb is to pick five lead generating items. When I say five lead generating items, that can be a mix of marketing activities that you want to incorporate into the campaign. So services that we provide like SEO, pay per click, video marketing or blog, and designing print materials. I just listed four here to make sure you get the idea. These four activities will be your lead generating items. These are the items that you are going to put in front of your target market that will actually drive them to the next point we are going to talk about later on. Making sure that you have each of these outlined and making sure they sing the same message because your campaign wants to have a general message that each of these mediums are going to talk about our communicate to the target audience. So whatever client type you are going after, make sure that each one of these is tailored towards that client type and from there we are going to drive them to the next section which is capture. I’m Granison Shines and my number is 602-369-8119. You can email me directly at [email protected]. Remember to download our free marketing assessment at Thanks and have a great day.

DBM Has The Web Solutions You Need To Launch An Online Marketing Campaign

Are you a small business owner that is looking to add some new elements to your marketing process by launching an online marketing campaign? If this sounds like something you’ve considered there are a variety of web solutions out there for you to take advantage of. Starting an online marketing campaign can be a very powerful thing for your business and if you add the right web solutions to your marketing process, you’ll wonder how your business ever got by before utilizing these web solutions.

The most important factor in using web solutions to boost your online presence is that you use them the right way. You don’t want to waste your time, energy and money on a web campaign that doesn’t get you the results you deserve. Direct Business Marketing doesn’t want this for you either and that’s why we have a multitude of web solutions and professional services to offer you. We specialize in helping small and medium sized business owners get their feet off the ground by launching a successful and technologically advanced online campaign. Through a variety of different web solutions, and by using our experienced and knowledgeable marketing consultants, we can help you create a new marketing process that includes online marketing and web solutions.

A few of the services that we provide are website creation, social media marketing, eCommerce, mobile optimization and our all-inclusive package, Chief Marketing Officer services. When you let us work with you and help you manage these online marketing campaigns, the results and success that your business will see can do wonders for you. We have several different proven processes that we utilize when updating your marketing process and handle your marketing campaign.

If you’d like to learn more about creating an online presence for your business and using web solutions that can get your brand awareness out there, contact Direct Business Marketing today or check out our website at for more information.