Payment Options In Your Copywriting Offer

Now that you’ve started to write your marketing piece you want to make sure that the copy stands firm, it’s right, it’s tight and it’s communicating what you want to communicate to your current leads, new leads, existing customers and new customers. These are the four different types of marketing campaigns that you should have going on when we talk about the nurture side of marketing; these are all people that you should already have in your database and you should be marketing to them via these types of campaigns. This is where your copywriting skills are really going to play their part because you’re going to be writing information to them via email, blog posts, and social media, whatever it may be, to serve as your nurture marketing campaign. In doing this you want to make sure you hone in on what you’re going to be talking about.

Today we’re going to talk about payment options. There are a few different that you can offer to your clients and leads. You can have them pay over time; we have this instituted within our business for certain products. You can also have a discount on a prepayment. On our websites you can buy it at a one payment discounted price or you can have it extended over twelve months. You are going to have people in your database that will partake in both of these options; they’re going to do what’s right for their business. You can also give a discount on American Express depending on your merchant account or shopping cart. You may also apply for high-risk merchant accounts if you are a high-risk merchant. You can also do coupons that may provide the discount payment. Whatever it may be, just having a mix of these options available for your client base is really going to help you when you’re talking about offers.

When you have multiple payment options available, you become a more accessible merchant. Ensure your card machine supports international card processing for seamless transactions

Take a look at the nurture marketing campaigns on our website at Again, this is critically important for your business. You want to have these four different nurture campaigns integrated into your business.