What Kinds Of Videos Will Google Use For Video SEO

When we talk about using video SEO as a technique to move your website to the front of a search engine’s results list, what types of videos are actually deemed acceptable by Google? As we’ve stated before, when redoing your marketing evaluation, you want to make sure that you fully understand all the right ways to use video on your website if you’re taking advantage of the many benefits of video SEO. Many small business owners wonder what types of video they have to use and are often hesitant to create a video of themselves. Although there’s no need to be apprehensive about this, and it’s worth it in the long run because you’ll be using video SEO to get more traffic to your website, there are other ways you can take advantage of video SEO without creating a video of yourself in it. Google actually accepts other video clips, slide shows and animated PowerPoint presentations as video; using these means will also get you bumped to the top of the list and help you use video SEO to market your business.

You may be wondering how and why this works. Although Google can recognize a video on a website, it doesn’t actually know what the content of the video is. It relies on the title of the video as well as other tags to decipher what your video is actually about. From this, it determines which videos are worthy of video SEO.

If you’re curious to learn more about video SEO and how it works, you can always check out the marketing evaluation that Direct Business Marketing has on their website. If can help you determine if video is a medium for you to put into play with your business’ marketing campaign, and if so, how you can utilize video SEO to optimize the number of leads being driven to your website.

Google Featuring Websites That Utilize Video; Take Advantage Of Video SEO Today!

Recently it was found that videos were more likely to receive a first page search result listing over traditional web pages. This should convince you to take advantage of video SEO by using videos as a marketing medium for your business, right? When doing a marketing evaluation for your business, it is important to know what strategies are going to get your website noticed and one of those strategies is by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this case, more specifically, let’s talk about video SEO. Video SEO is a set of techniques to ensure that Google helps you out a little bit and gets you to the top of their search results list.

How does it work? Basically, Google finds your video content, indexes it and then displays it when keywords linked to your video and content are entered into their search engine by the consumer. When a term is typed in by the consumer that matches a keyword, meta tag, title tag, or anything else that is linked to your video, it places your video at the top of the search results list on Google.

As of late, Google has even been featuring websites that use video over websites that don’t. If you’re not using video on your website, now is probably the time to start and take advantage of video SEO to drive more traffic to your website. If you would like to learn other ways to employ and utilize video SEO and how it can move your website to the top of Google results and improve the success of your business, Direct Business Marketing can help you with that. They’ll provide you with a marketing evaluation tool to see if using video on your website and taking advantage of video SEO is the right path for you.

Using Video SEO To Move Your Website To The Top Of Google’s List

Are you looking for a new Search Engine Optimization technique for your webpage? Direct Business Marketing suggests using video SEO for a number of reasons. First of all, if you’re not using video as one of your marketing techniques, you should really do a marketing evaluation of your company and try to implement video into your marketing campaign. “Why?” you may be asking. It’s simple: people love to watch video and would rather simply watch a video rather than read a block of text. Using videos and video SEO as part of your marketing strategy also puts you on a more personal level with the consumer. They’ll hear your tone of voice, see your body language and facial expressions. Using video in your marketing evaluation helps the consumer come to know you and trust you. It’s for these reasons that you should do a marketing evaluation and see if using video would fit into your business model.

But what does this have to do with video SEO? When you use videos on your website, it actually moves your webpage to the top of the search engine’s results and showcases your video along with the link to your website. Is there a better way to get you noticed on Google or Yahoo and drive traffic to your site? Direct Business Marketing specializes in video SEO. We have you create a video, upload it to your website as well as YouTube. In the comments section of YouTube, we always encourage you to put your website link. By doing this, it ensures that your video (and website link) will be indexed into Google’s search engine and lets Google know your content exists.

Because of the ever changing search algorithms that Google uses for its search results, it’s impossible to know what type of text and content will get your website on the first page of their results. One thing we do know, though, is that by utilizing video on your website and employing video SEO techniques, your website and video suddenly are towards the beginning of the consumers search result list.

Using Traditional SEO Is Great, But Using Video SEO Is Even Better

One of the Marketing Truths that Direct Business Marketing encourages small business owners to implement into their marketing process is, “Videos, Views, Victory!” But what does this mean exactly? It means that when you utilize video content in your marketing process, whether it be on your website, social media account or on a YouTube channel, people love to watch video and it can do great things for your marketing process and campaign.

One use of video that we’d like to talk about today is video content on your website. When you use video content on your website it, not only does it appeal to consumers, but it also helps your search engine rankings by taking advantage of video SEO. You may already know what SEO is and video SEO is just an extension of that. When you use video content on your website, search engines tend to feature your website more and give it a better search engine ranking than those websites that don’t use video content.

There are a few other reasons as to why you should use video SEO techniques on your website. It’s estimated that a website that uses video SEO is over 50 times more likely to receive an organic first page ranking than those web pages that don’t. That’s a statistic you shouldn’t really ignore if you’re considering using video SEO to help your website. Also, video SEO utilizes long tail searches, meaning you can target a longer search phrase with your video title or description; you can’t really do this with traditional SEO and using keywords on your website. Lastly, when you use video SEO, it doesn’t matter how old your website is. With traditional SEO, Google takes your website’s age into consideration when deciding where to rank it. Video SEO gets rid of this concept and can boost you to the top of the results page

Using any type of SEO in your marketing process is a great thing for your website, but we’d like to encourage you to take it to the next level and implement the use of video SEO into your marketing campaign as well. The increase in traffic that you could potentially receive can do great things for your business and your website.