Successful Facebook Marketing: Have Your Business Profile Page Completed

Good morning; today we’re going to continue our conversation on Facebook marketing screwups. It’s going to be very important that you watch all of these videos because we’re doing this complete series and we’ll be adding supplementary videos in addition to our Wednesday webinars so we can hone in on some other topics, such as strategy.

Today we’re going to talk about having an incomplete business profile. You need to ensure that you have this complete. Why? Because I promise that if you like our page, we’ll like your page. Through this, however, we’ve noticed that a lot of these business profiles are incomplete. I want to address this issue and tell you to be committed to your business profile page.

To recap last week, it’s all about getting your friend’s friends to see what your content is by getting your friends to like or comment on your content. Why are we talking about your business profile? Because you have to have it completed because they’re going to get nosy and look at other things about your business. You want to have a few different things apparent: your cover photo with information about your business. For ours it’s sometimes information about our marketing webinars or a photo of myself or someone else. This photo should change when you have specific events coming up. The profile photo should be your business logo. It’s all about branding on Facebook so you want to make sure that you have your page sufficiently branded with your business information and logo. Remember people are going to potentially be going to your page from their smart phone, so you need to ensure it’s going to look nice even on a smaller device. Also complete your basic information such as when your business started, your URL, what your product and services are; you want to ensure you have all of this information complete otherwise you may be seen as a fly-by-night business.

If you have further questions you can contact us directly via telephone or email. Also don’t forget to download our marketing assessment questionnaire at to determine what your business’s marketing needs are.

Facebook Marketing Screw-Up #1

So many business owners are frustrated about marketing on Facebook.  Why? Because it’s been like pulling teeth to get “Likes“, let alone “Leads“.  They’ve been sold a bill of good that all they had to do was set up a Facebook Business Page, throw up a few posts, and an army of traffic would bust down the door to buy their products and services. Well, nothing could be further from the truth!!!

Sadly, no one took the time to tell them about a “social business” strategy, COBRAs, or eWOMs, plus which techniques to use to get to “third party Friends”, and so much more.  All they’ve been doing up to date is mouthing off about their business thinking that some actually cares… Well, the results speak for themselves!

So, here’s the deal!  We’ve set up a Limited Seating seminar where they’re going to share Facebook Marketing information to a hand-full of qualified business owners – 30 to be exact.  And you’ll want to be one of the 30 or you can keep doing what you’re doing and getting the same dismal results – the choice is yours.

Below is the seminar information, then 1-by-1 over the next few days, I’m going to share a 5-part video series called – “The 5 Biggest Facebook Marketing Screw-Ups Businesses Make, Plus How You Can Avoid Them.”  I’m going tell you the very common screw-ups business owners make when marketing on Facebook. Finally, Drew’s going to tell you how to debunk every single one at the seminar.

BTW – the seminar is NOT free!!  You’re going to have to invest $40 (if you register early enough).  But when you get to the seminar, we’re going to give you the opportunity to get back DOUBLE the money you invested in the seminar…  OK?  No worries!  No fine print here – we’re serious…

Seminar Information:

  • Date: Tuesday, October 30th
  • Time: 9:00am – 11:00am
  • Location: Itericom Technologies – 250 S. Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ
  • Investment: Early Bird Registration – $40 before 10/23/2012.    $50 on or after 10/24/2012.

Ok – so times-a-tickin’!  Register today here – 


To your marketing success,

Granison Shines – Chief Marketing Officer


PS – “Like” us on Facebook at and we will “Like” your Facebook business page also.  From there, we are going to launch a “Follow-the-Leader” Facebook marketing campaign.  We’ll explain in a separate email…

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