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Today’s online marketing topic is about content submission. Last week Drew spoke about how important it is to give good information on your website. Video, text, and audio can all be used to market your business and demonstrate your expertise. Remember, you’re marketing to human beings and people buy from people. That’s why we heavily suggest that you use video to promote your business.

With our content submission services, we allow realtors to focus on getting listings and selling homes. You have some responsibility in the marketing process by creating text, audio, or video to demonstrate that you are the expert.

From that point, Direct Business Marketing takes over by creating a keyword rich piece of content that can be uploaded to your website, giving web searchers the information that they are looking for, while positioning you as the expert. We provide our clients with a “best practices” document that will give you some helpful tips on making effective video to generate a response or lead.

The benefit to this service is that you can focus on what you do best and we will focus on what we do best. You’ll also have a website that is updated regularly, which is crucial to getting attention from search engines like Google. And lastly, you’re giving potential customers what they want, information and call to action (What they should do).

For more information on this service, give me a call at 602-369-8119.
Learn about DBM’s Content Submission Services.

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